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Storytelling and wordsmithing are two humongously different things. Storytelling is all about entertaining people while they are in your rapture. Usually a quick jaunt through the teeming imagination of one blessed, or cursed, with something a little extra when interacting with what we are told is reality. A storyteller has a story for everything they see, some amazing and some so dull we even ignore them. I mean who wants to know that the spoon is made of metal that had once graced the cleats of a failing rugby rugby players even where cleats? See what I mean boring and not rooted in what "normal" would call facts. But to a storyteller not even a humble spoon is without a backstory.

Now a Wordsmith, commonly called authors in today's world, they strive to take those backstories, which only they can see, and weave them into something that the many can enjoy at their own pace. To put words to paper or screen and hopefully ignite the imaginations of those they will never meet. Telling a story to a live audience lets a story teller adjust to the crowd, to a blank page or screen not so much. While a story can be picked from what might seem thin air, getting it into a medium that can be understood and enjoyed by those who you will never see is daunting.

Here I am endeavoring the metamorphosis, from becoming a simple storyteller who had entertained my family and friends since I could first talk to a true weaver of words. Crafting words with dreaded grammar and punctuation to hone it into something to entertain those who find my little flights of fantasy. I admit to having slight success to date, two ebooks are already out on Kindle through Xynobooks, but they are nowhere near the end of amazing tales I desire to share. So here I will share the simple stories that I hope will eventually grow into something worth the revisions of publishing.

For those finding my stories they are indeed in the same universe, know as the Arcana. Yes its a little daunting to craft not just a world, but worlds of fantastical characters. As my muse has a serious case of ADHD the number of characters she has brought to meet me number in the hundred. For the Arcana series we are at 94 and counting...OMG all these guys and gals want their stories told...I'm going to busy :P Below you find the most logical reading order, though some will criss and cross.

Arcana Universe:

  1. Jinx & The Wolf - about four to five years before His Enemy My Haven. It's a prequel to the actual start of the series, a sort of introduction to those you will meet time and again while enjoying a love story written in the very heavens. (on going)
  2. His Enemy My Haven - Book #1 for the series. This is the starting point for the story arc I have envisioned at this point. (completed)
  3. Enemy in My Haven- Book #2 for the series. Happening at the same time as Book #1 but should be read second to avoid spoilers. (on going)
  4. White Lioness- Book #3 on my virtual shelf ready for me to continue (it gets a few words now and again even now). I took this one down as there were too many unfinished stories. Once Book #2 is done I will upload the already completed chapters.

Note: Yes Shawn and Sean are the same vampire. I adjusted the spelling of his name to fit better with his history. Since these are drafts of stories I will polish shiny for later publishing I wasn't going to take the time and fix his name in the stories which used the modern spelling. I figured you, my readers, would prefer I spend the time getting words on the screen and up for you to enjoy. If it is too annoying I will of course bow to peer pressure and fix it, just know that it will slow my already slow uploads.

You can join me on:

Twitter @TelmaJoy

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