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"we are born empty. we live our lives hollow inside. we spend the years trying to fill the vast void of sorrow we carry with us with synthetic joys, yet it yeilds nothing... the truth is that the only thing that dulls the pain and fills the void is the love we have for others and the love we receive in return"
all i ask is that you are honset with me when you read my stories. i hope you like what you read. because i do enjoy writing thease stories. i believe life is hard enough without writing about how horrible it is and make you feel worse after reading the fic. i believe in true love, and that love is the most powerful thing in all life... my fics do get a bit sappy at times.. so be warned... kinda weird coming from a guy ^_^ well hope you enjoy what you read.. later

oh and also... since author alert is sometimes on and sometimes off i would like to offer this option to you. email me with this subject "fanfiction author alert" i'll add your e-mail to my aol list and send you a message telling you that i posted something new. just to warn you... i sometimes forget and thease stories are not quick to come out. but i wanted to do my part for those of you who enjoy my fics

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