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Hello, my name is Qualeshia Marshall. I am twenty-seven years old and love to write stories. I also enjoy anime, manga, and sometimes video games. I'm just looking to reveal my writing skills and get feedback on it. I am not the best writer ever but I am certainly not the worst either. So I'll continue to write in the hopes that I become a successful novelist someday. Thank you for reading this and I hope that we can be friends.

Good day to you all.

Author's Note: Just to let you know my stories are all going to be rough drafts/unedited. Until I somehow manage to get Grammarly Premium then I'll use that to edit my rough drafts. For each of my stories, there won't be a set date for when I post my chapters.

Title: Utopia Under Quarantine

Genres: Action, Drama, Adventure, Dystopian, Post-Apocalyptic, Horror, Hurt-Comfort, Science-Fiction, Fantasy, Tragedy, Mystery, Psychological, and Royalty.

POV: Third-Person

Premise: A girl must not only fight to survive but take down an entire world government that is controlling the people through fear all while dodging twelve-foot tall monsters with a secret.

Summary: The domed country of Teri'itaria has lived in peace ten years after the fourth world war. Their reason has been to keep out the monstrous humanoid creatures known as Plagues that stand at twelve feet tall. The Plagues first started appearing out of nowhere eight years after the fourth world war and they are a mystery. Now, ninety years later things have changed and trouble brews. Enter Marionette Constantine, an eighteen years old whose life changes when she witnesses two Plagues eating a person. It isn't long until more Plagues start appearing and slaughtering people by eating them which causes everyone to go into hysteria. But how did the Plagues get inside the dome is the real question that people asked. Eventually, a large hole was found but it was sealed up somehow. The citizens of Teri'itaria asked for the world government to help them but they are ignored by them. Marionette is angered by this action and wants to know what the world government is planning to do. With the help of her friends, she'll do what she can to stop the world government and fight back against the monsters.

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