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Welcome to Auditorium via Creativity!

(There is a story to be told almost every night at three different times and the actors aren't too bad, just like every other auditorium you have been to in the world. After you showing them your ticket, or VIP pass they let you inside the auditorium. You decide to pick a seat towards the middle, this way you don't strain your neck and you don't have to stare down at the stage.

You sit in the middle of an auditorium. There isn't a lot of people, but there are people there and all of them seem eager to see what shall happen for (today or tonight depending on where you are at). Suddenly, a lone figure steps out from behind the curtain and all becomes somewhat silent except for the occasional whisper about what the person might be wearing. It stops at the center of the stage while standing on the edge. Suddenly, a light appears upon her and you see she had her head bowed and eyes closed. Now she looks up as she opens her eyes to see the audience. A smile is upon her face even though she is wearing jeans and a black t-shirt with a dark red rose with white around its edges pinned to her shirt on her left.)

Hi. Welcome to my Auditorium of wonder, or Stars if you prefer. *she waves or bows which ever one you prefer*

My name is AshDragon. *smiles politely* I write for the enjoyment of others and I would also enjoy seeing what you think of my stories as I will review some of yours as well. Most likely, I will try to review any that ask me for a review, but even I have many things to do so I may be slow to leave a review for you. This, my dear audience, is my profile page, and I enjoy when I see that people look at it because it explains some of the reasons that I write the way that I do. You'll find I write some poetry, not a lot, and I always write fiction. If you leave me a request I'll try and complete it as soon as I get a chance, it won't be easy with work and school though.

Go ahead and request me to write stories as well. I don't mind doing so for anyone as long as it's within my capabilities.

This is just a little bit about myself so you can get to know me as well. Also feel free to laugh if you wish to, I enjoy making people laugh even if its just because I was over doing a joke.

favorite color: Blue, Silver, and Black (No I don't like bruises. Sorry poor attempt at a joke)

favorite line: "I knew you were into the game, but not literally a part of the game!" -Best friend (yes she literally told me this after people kept hitting me with hockey sticks while trying to get a hold of the puck that I was guarding at the second.

"Careful what you wish for" -My Mom and Dad

"So are you going to show us that wicked serve that you always brag about?" -My friend Spires (I will not put their real name since it is only fair)

"Why do we keep getting locked into our own house?!" "Um... you guys? We do have a spare key"- The dwarves from Mirror Mirror

"You are made for amazing things and I hope you realize it"- Unknown customer at work

favorite story: The Golden Compass, The Watch

favorite language: Spanish, English, and of course Irish. :)

favorite thing to do: Hmm, art!!! Oh, and writing, of course.

favorite sport: Floor hockey, tennis, fishing , Finally my last favorite sport is Lacrosse.

favorite author: Plato

Place I wish to go: Hmm, tough question... I would have to say Ireland, but I can't really explain why except for the scenery and the peacefulness of it.

Thank you for reading this, if you do, and thank you for reading my stories, if you do after reading this! Now, on with the reading or going to do whatever you were doing before this intervention.

(Bows dramatically before turning and walking behind a curtain that had been behind her. The curtains closed completely, and then the lights slowly dim as the audience becomes dead silent except for an occasional whisper. Finally, all has become silent and no one speaks a word as they realize something new will happen in time.)

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