Hikari Roivas
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That's it, I've had enough already! I'm leaving this god damn site and going to


to join my running mates Robster80 and Archangel Nightshade Bloodraven. They've got the idea all right; this site's going to Hell and I'm not planning on entering for a while.
I will not be posting on this site ever again. Go to the above site and find me under the penname

"Christochi Ishida"

Yeah, I'm returning to the original, but, hell...
Fanfiction.net has quickly become as trashy a site as any porno site I can think of. TO HELL WITH FANFICTION.NET!!!
I'll be encouraging other authros that are my friends to move to this other site as will. Fanfiction.net, see you in Hell, BITCH!!!!!

You can still also find my fanfics at mine and Jesanae Tekani's homepage.

Fanfiction.net, if I may quote the legendary former Intercontinental Heavyweight Champion "Road Dogg" Jesse James..."Two tears in a bucket, and if you ain't down with that, I've got two words for ya...SUCK IT!!!"