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I know its long but its worth reading so please read!!!

My birthday is 9/23/1999

i was born in miami,florida


i recently discoverd that i like writing, but it has always been easier for me to think of plots in my head then to actually write it on paper so be patient with me! Growing up i had a pretty good life, as a little girl i was very expressive and a bit imature but always well behaved, but when i started school i became a bit more shy more of a bookworm, i have a sense of maturity that most kids my age dont have, so thats mostly where the inspiration of my stories comes from, You could say that im a feminist but i also know that us women can be a bit Anoying at times. for those of you who like slash/straight romance you can find that here! i happen to love reading/writing both im a bit new at slash though, Gay supporter all the way! against discrimination! i never judge no matter what, And i have a hidden talent that, i sing! ever since i was a little girl i always had a passion for singing, and it took me up to the age of 7 to see that i was actually pretty good! so i joined my schools chorus for a while i considerd becoming a pop star but now i want something a bit more for myself, a career. when i was 10 my parents decided to seprate so that was kind of hard because my perfect life was now shatterd, but i knew it was for the best to many problems alot of bitternes and i hated living in that enviroment, but the good news is that my parents are really good friends now and all is calm and quiet and all the drama i had lived is over. all together there is 4 of us, my dad had my older brother and sister in one marrige, then had my little brother and me in the second, i also have a dog named Angel who is 5 years old, he is the kindest of the family and we all love him to death. So thats pretty much it if i think of anything else ill write it down. Thank You to those of you who took the time to read this, i Greatly Appreciate it:D

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