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^ the Above is not my hompage, but I site I started, got annoyed with, and gave away. A Harry Potter based RPG type thing. Enjoy!

Dedicated potter fan. Now Im also a DBZ/DBGT fan (DragonBallZ/DragonBallGT 4 u anime illiterates) I'm gunna post another one (DBZ fic) (compleatly different) pretty soon, *I hope*. I'm only postin' a little, as a teaser. Dependin' on what kinda responce I get I'll eather take it down or post more.

I Re-did Ki Swap 1 & 2 In HTML, & I found out how to get it to start paragraphs. X:) Enjoy.


Yeesh! I haven't ^loaded in a while. I gotta go find pt3 of Ki swap! SORRY PEOPLE! IM NOT DEAD!!