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Hello, there! I'm Setsuna!

This is my main FictionPress account, where my main series, -Innocence & Corruption-, resides. I also have a secondary account for other original stories of mine. It can be found here: https://www.fictionpress.com/u/1156955/DuelistGal22.

On My Profile, You'll Find...

*What's Up With Setsuna

*My -Innocence & Corruption- Series
*-Innocence & Corruption- Series Reading Order

*A Little Bit About Me

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What's Up With Setsuna

May 19, 2021:
Hello, there~ I've recently finished editing and updating all of my stories here. So, now I'm off to write my next novel!

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My -Innocence & Corruption- Series

Current Story:

[The next story is in progress, but won't be ready for a while!]

Finished Stories:

-Innocence & Corruption-

Notes: After many attempts at writing my own original stories, this is the first full-length novel I ever managed to finish! I learned a lot while writing it, and I can only hope I'll improve from here.
[The first -Innocence & Corruption- novel] [Written in third person]

-Innocence & Corruption: Prelude to Innocence-

Notes: This is the prequel to my first novel, -Innocence & Corruption-! It took about a year-and-a-half to write, and I couldn't be more excited to share it with you all! I feel like I improved so much since my first book with this one, and I hope to continue doing so with each new story!
[The second -Innocence & Corruption- novel] [Written in third person]

-Vengeance & Fate-

Notes: After finishing -Innocence & Corruption-, I decided to take the time to do some side stories based around it, before beginning the prequel. This is the first of those side stories and centers around Forbearance and his backstory (it begins about a month before the main events of -I&C-).
[The first -Innocence & Corruption- side story] [Written from Forbearance's first person perspective]

-Powerless & Broken-

Notes: This is the second side story I wanted to do after finishing -Innocence & Corruption- and before starting the prequel for my series. As the summary suggests, it takes place directly after -I&C-'s prologue and centers around how both Léo and Patience cope with the loss of the latter's family.
[The second -Innocence & Corruption- side story] [Written from Léo's first person perspective]

-Ashes & Dust-

Notes: After finishing the prequel to my first novel, I knew it was time to get writing the third side story for my series. This story takes place forty years before the main events of -Innocence & Corruption: Prelude to Innocence-, when the Tana and Elders of that era were only apprentices and Tana.
[The third -Innocence & Corruption- side story] [Written from Eluminia's first person perspective]

-Innocence of Love-

Notes: This is a Valentine’s Day drabble I wrote based off of my novel -Innocence & Corruption-! The story itself is set just a little bit after the events of the first book.
[The first -Innocence & Corruption- short story] [Written from Patience's first person perspective]

-That Day, Twenty Years Ago-

Notes: This is another drabble I wrote for my -Innocence & Corruption- series. It takes place twenty years before the main events in my first novel (and twenty years after the prequel).
[The second -Innocence & Corruption- short story] [Written from Blarus' first person perspective]

-Burning Passion-

Notes: This is the third short story I wrote for my -Innocence & corruption- series, and was another one I initially did for Valentine's Day. It's set thirty years before the main events of -Innocence & Corruption-, when Taharus, as the summary suggests, first became Shalua's Elder of Fire.
[The third -Innocence & Corruption- short story] [Written from Taharus' first person perspective]

-A Day Best Forgotten-

Notes: This is the fourth short story I wrote for this series, and it takes place directly after the prequel, -Innocence & Corruption: Prelude to Innocence-. As noted in the end of that novel, a certain two Light and Fire Tribals are planning a prank for a certain Ice Tribal. This story is all about that prank.
[The fourth -Innocence & Corruption- short story] [Written from Platinus' first person perspective]

-Once Upon an Innocent Tale-

Notes: This is the first chapter story spin-off I did for my -Innocence & Corruption- series. Unlike the other spin-offs I eventually plan to write and post, this one takes place in the regular ol' realm of Shalua - however, it is not canonical to the actual storyline of the series, since it's based off of Christmas (but there are a lot of canonical things in it).
[An -Innocence & Corruption- novel spin-off] [Written in third person]

-Of Dreams and Reality-

Notes: This short story was written as an entry for a literature contest on DeviantArt! The contest was called 'Finish Chapter One', in which we were given a small beginning to a chapter and were to write the rest of said chapter however we pleased. Since this is a spin-off of my first novel, it features two of the main characters from it!
[An -Innocence & Corruption- short story spin-off] [Written from Forbearance's first person perspective]

-The Village Ball: A Night to Remember-

Notes: This is a short story collab I did with my sister for a DeviantArt prompt! The prompt was called 'The Village Ball', and we were to write and/or draw one or more characters getting dressed up in their best clothes and going to said ball. It features several original characters from the both of us!
[An -Innocence & Corruption- short story spin-off] [Written in third person]

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-Innocence & Corruption- Series Reading Order

Main Series
-Innocence & Corruption-
-Innocence of Love-
-Vengeance & Fate-
-Powerless & Broken-
-That Day, Twenty Years Ago-
-Burning Passion-
-Innocence & Corruption: Prelude to Innocence-
-A Day Best Forgotten-
-Ashes & Dust-

-Once Upon an Innocent Tale-
-Of Dreams and Reality-
-The Village Ball: A Night to Remember-

(The spin-offs can be read at any time, since they're mostly non-canonical to the main series.)

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A Little Bit About Me

~As far as nicknames go, y'all can call me Setsa, Setsuna-chan, or whatever, as long as you don't call me late for dinner.
~I’m twenty-five years old, five-foot-seven, and have untamable, fluffy, curly brown hair.
~I write and art and game sometimes, and I really hope you all enjoy my stories!
~If you'd like more info and such on my characters, or to see art and stuff of them, please visit my profile on DeviantArt at deviantart . com / duelistgal12 (just remove the spaces).

My All-Time Favorite Quote:
"Even in the darkest of times, there is always hope. But, sometimes, fear clouds our vision. Sometimes, our strength gives out. And yet, sometimes, when all seems lost, a light shines through the darkness, and we are reminded that even the smallest amount of courage can turn the tides of war."
~Ignitus (The Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon)

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-Ashes & Dust-
Living in a time of war is never easy, especially when you're chosen to become one of the next Protectors of Shalua. Will young Light Tribal, Eluminia, and her new team be able to overcome their differences, or will sudden disaster destroy any semblance of hope they have in themselves and each other? [An -Innocence & Corruption- Side Story]
Fiction: Fantasy - Rated: T - English - Tragedy/Friendship - Chapters: 7 - Words: 16,792 - Favs: 1 - Follows: 1 - Updated: 12/24/2020 - Published: 12/3/2020 - Complete
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Platinus was never one for festivities, so, during the celebration on the day he and his companions were finally recognized as the Tanas' Apprentices, he opts to take some time to himself in the Castle's library. Unbeknownst to him, however, two certain troublemaking boys were waiting for this exact moment. [An -Innocence & Corruption- Short Story]
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-Innocence & Corruption: Prelude to Innocence- reviews
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Young Fire Tribal, Patience, has always had a hard time fitting in among her people – that won't stop her from chasing her dream of becoming Shalua's next Protector of Fire, though! Given a quest to travel the island, along with her new friend Forbearance, she may just get the chance to prove herself worthy for that title! But, is she prepared for the confrontations that await?
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Patience and Forbearance have already gone through a lot together. Now, though… Now their greatest challenge yet – even greater than their training under the Protectors and Magician of Shalua – begins: grasping their deep feelings for one another and determining how to move on from there. [An -Innocence & Corruption- Short Story]
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