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Just a scatterbrained Insomniac that randomly comes up with poems when I have inspiration. Though I always get a bad case of writer's block because I never quite think my plots through. Whoops on my part. I guess I'll tell the world a little about myself...


I'm a cat person. I have four cats. I also have other pets, they are a guinea pig, a rabbit, and two cute little ratties.

I am also crazy, I mean, how else could I come up with such imaginative ideas? Maybe crazy people are just people who never grew up...

My official awesome reviewer is Itsatrapp01.

I'm an extremely childish, all the time, except when I'm being serious.

I tend to start things, and then not finish them. I am currently improving this, as all my hiatus' will be picked up shortly when I reassemble my ideas. I've also got a new idea in the works.

People who first meet me think I am only twelve, as I am short and extremely childish, in looks and attitude. Why be old and serious when you can be ridiculously fun and crazy?

I randomly get my ideas at random times, and they usually have little to no plot until I sit down and force myself to think one out.

My worst fear? Roaches. No joke. If one of those suckers comes within five feet of me, I freak out like a nuclear bomb just landed in my yard and is about to go off.

Terrible memory. Forgot how to spell fillet for a whole minute. Had to look it up.

I am a superior being! That's a joke

Lacks common sense almost all of the time.

Booksmart, but not streetsmart.

Talks to inanimate objects. (Me: Hi computer, you piece of junk! Computer: I hate you, and one day, the cats will chew a hole in the wire and it will shock you, therefore rendering YOU a piece of junk! Me: Well, you're a bundle of joy today...)

Has multiple awesome friends. You jelly yet?

Cannot tell right from left. Don't give me directions!

I like spiders. They KILL ROACHES.


Food, ranging from steak fillet, to Wendy's chicken nuggets. Really.


Rats too.

Stuffed animals, especially Pokémon stuffed animals.

Video games, list to be included elsewhere.

Gameboys. They are awesome.




Computers. But not my current one, it's a piece of junk. -Computer electrocutes DarkMeow out of anger and being called a piece of junk for the last two years-

Rubber bands, they're great for shooting at people.

Old vintage stuff.

Large phones with gigantic screens.





Here's my list of fandoms that I actively partake in.


How To Train Your Dragon, mostly because of how awesome Toothless is.

Doctor Who (I blame my friend for making me obsess over it. -Points finger accusingly at friend-)

Wreck-It Ralph





Sims (But not the first Sims, it's nice and all, but it LOOKS TERRIBLE)

Animal Crossing

Mario of course!

Aaaand that's all there is about me that I can remember at the moment.


These are the rules of the DarkMeow, for others, and for the DarkMeow itself.

  1. If you are in a scary house with a partner, DO NOT under any circumstances separate no matter what said partner says.
  2. Also, keep extra batteries and a flashlight on hand for the scary house, as it is likely to be dark.
  3. Keep four batteries and a mini flashlight in your Gameboy carry case or your pocket, whichever comes first.
  4. Your Gameboy WILL die at the least expected moment. Save games often and refer to rule three.
  5. DarkMeow does not like snobby people, especially rich snobby people. It doesn't mind just plain rich people, however.
  6. When DarkMeow is angry, interact with at your own risk.
  7. DarkMeow will occasionally refer to itself in the third person (as it is doing right now), ignore and continue on.
  8. DarkMeow will occasionally change personalities if extremely stressed or if DarkMeow feels like it. Don't worry, DarkMeow will revert back to original state by the next day or week.
  9. DO NOT, under any circumstances, pet a cat's stomach. This rule is void if the cat enjoys the activity.
  10. If DarkMeow watches a lot of TV and the actors have a specific accent, it'll probably start emulating the accent. Ignore and carry on with interaction, as DarkMeow will revert to original state either when it feels like it, or if it forgets the accent.
  11. DarkMeow does not like large gatherings of human beings. Bring to parties at your own risk, and the risk of the party-goers.
  12. Charge your devices before going on a trip. Common sense, bro.

And that's my current rule setup.


These are my fears. Yes, there are a lot of them, I know.

Roaches Large Gatherings Of Human Beings School Anything Remotely Poisonous Responsibility The Future Speaking To A Group The Dark, Specifically What's In The Dark Serial Killers

These are my usual fears.

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