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Giang Tien- Yahng Tee-ihn


1. Lil' Miss Saigon (of the Vietnamese ethnicity)

2. The nicknames as follow:




3. Highly opinionated but will try and be open minded.

-supports responsible breeding, but will mostly advocate for adoption.

-supports neutering and spaying.

-does not support exotic pet ownership. but if a sanctuary and privately owned then it is find. it's the matter of basis and circumstance.

-supports ALL LGBT rights. will defend all LGBT people.

-neechan is bi. loves neechan to death. is best friend.

-love is genderless. therefore homosexuality should be embraced and celebrated. not scorned.

-people with transexuality should be supported. imagine if you were born in the opposite sex's body if you are CISgender.

-really loves animals and will not take any crap about abuse.

-responsible hunting is not bad. other animals hunt for food. why are we exempt? considering the crap the food industry does to the animal, killing an animal that has had a full life in the wild respectfully and painlessly is better. if you are vegan or vegetarian, it is understandable and respected.

4. Super-sassy, snarky, introverted- shy, will keep to self and is awkward.

5. Female.

6. A midget, barely clearing 5"0 (or fun-sized.)

7. All the single ladies.

8. Fandoms as follow

-Shingeki no Kyojin (levi owns your butts)

-Puella Magi Madoka Magica


-Mirai Nikki

-Vampire Knight



-Tokyo Ghoul (tell me, oh tell me, how does it go??)

-the Devil is a Part-Timer (honey, you're looking at her!)




-Beyond the Boundary

-Akame ga Kill




-Teen Titans

-the Flash

9. The gamers' inner circle:




10. Clinically diagnosed by friends as a fanfic addict. Requires mental assistance.

11. Ships too many OTPs to be legal.

-SasuSaku (first otp ever shipped. is very special.)




-Ferriswheelshipping (cuz they are perfect and beautiful)






-RIVETRA (petra looks SMASHING)



-Percabeth (it gets bold and underline too because its extra special... not as special as sasusaku though)

-Caleo (leo is the sexiest bad-boy supreme, commander toolbelt, and chef)

-Too many more to count.

12. Le books and authors:


-Jack London, Frances Hodgson Burnett, Charles Dickens, Mark Twain

-Pam Munoz Ryan, Crystal Velasquez, Kathryn Lasky, Tui Sutherland

-Heroes of Olympus/Percy Jackson

-Hunters of Chaos

-Kane Chronicles

-Black Beauty, White Fang, Tom Sawyer, the Secret Garden

-Spirit Animals

-Paint the Wind

-The Girl Who Could Fly

-Wings of Fire

-Canterwood Crest

-Horses of the Dawn
-Avalon: Web of Magic (is special. first book series obsessed over and cried over)

-the Inheritance Cycle

-too many more to count...

13. Professionally fangirl.

14. The bands:

-Green Day

-Fall Out Boy

-Matchbox 20

-Black Veil Brides

-Panic! At the Disco

-Owl City


-Neon Trees

15. Multi-talented Jack of All Trades:

-Taekwondo, Second Degree black belt



-Former flutist, Broadway vocalist and pianist

-Former debater (arguing- stupid people being degrading and little children fighting over who is right and who is not. Often escalates with yelling and stupidity ahoy. Debate- an intellectual activity which involves proper researching, composing of cases and duking it out in a court with a judge, refutes and rejoins. Is determined by presentation, knowledge on topic and politeness. As there is no true right and wrong but rather pros and cons and the weighing.)

-Sketch artist



16. Goals in life:

-a doctor of some sorts. Trauma surgeon in the hospital or veterinarian.

-to hunt. Get back in touch with nature and properly kill animals for food. Cruelty free.

-travel and see the world.

-camp and spend lots of time in the wilderness.

-rescue animals. horses, cats, dogs, everything you name it.

-save any life. animal, human. try to make the world a better place.

17. Diagnosis-




18. Best friends:

-the Frenchy (jolie-florette)

-the Neechan (Masked Movie Maniac)

-the Freakin' Talented Artist (soldatino)

-the Hot-shot Lawyer (Tasha- not on this website)

-the MLG-Pro (Alex-chan. not on this website)









Check out me forum. This forum is based off the world of Path Through the Stars:

Path Through the Stars (oh what an ORIGINAL name, me!! Good job, me!)


(This stuff is just for my own personal convenience. Ignore this stuff)

Name: Ailouros

Age: 14

Gender: Female

Race: Ailuranthrope/Chausanthrope (werecat/werejunglecat)


  • Therian form (if applicable): Exotic looking girl with tan skin, bright 'whiskey-eyes' tinted with green, and short and shaggy hair the color of dark, almost black, wood that flops over her right eye. She is very petite, but don't let that fool you. She is considerably fine-boned and thin, and is very lean. She's rather pretty, with an egg-shaped face. Was born blind, but uses her other supernatural senses to guide her. Her pupils are slitted and her eyes are very circular in appearance, and her ears are rounded also. Even though her ears are covered in black fur, the black ear tufts she sports is very noticeable. She has a rather short tail, reaching only to her mid-calf. She resembles a black Jungle Cat, or at least her animistic features do. Her human features are Asian. True to her animal counterpart, she is a digitigrade. She walks on the balls of her feet, which are perfect cat-paws, complete with silky fur and retractable claws.
  • Human form (if applicable): Exotic looking girl with tan skin, bright 'whiskey-eyes' tinted with green, and short and shaggy hair the color of dark, almost black, wood that flops over her right eye. She is very petite, but don't let that fool you. She is considerably fine-boned and thin, and is very lean. She's rather pretty, with an egg-shaped face. Was born blind, but uses her other supernatural senses to guide her. Even in human form (this one), she retains the animalistic features of her eyes and claws. All therians do. Her eyes are still the eyes of a Jungle Cat; large pupils, thickly black-lined eyes with the tapering corners and rounded shape and slitted pupils, and her teeth are still sharp and fang-like. Her claws are still long, but considerably shorter (but still make great tools to rip out throats). Otherwise, she looks exactly the same as a shaggy-haired, vicious, blind Asian girl.
  • Personality: She has anger issues, and a huge bloodlust. She is quite psychopathic, as well as a epic sociopath. But despite her being psychotic, she has her good traits too. She won't stand for any injustice, and is willing to kill for her friends. She is extremely vindictive and vengeful, and if you ever cross her, she will never forget it and inflict pain twice a much. She is definitely a force to be reckoned with when angry. She prefers to avoid as much social interaction as possible. But if you manage to worm your way into her heart, she is definitely a good friend to have.

    Weapon(s): Her 'claws' (her nails are exceptionally long and thick, being part of the third bone of her fingers like a cat) and her fangs, obviously. She has any weapon a Jungle Cat has. Her people's beliefs revolve around talismans. Hers is a small, dark-green gem the size of a small pebble and ovular in shape, with a tendril of quartz banding around on area. It is held in a neat leather setting a weaver in her tribe made, and is worn as a choker/collar. It has no significant effect, though it does sometimes glow oddly...

    Eventually, she does master her magic powers. Her element is lightning (or anything plasma related, really), and she can pretty much do anything with it. Her magic manifests itself as either murky black darkness, green lightning or fire or as simply a dark, blackish-green light. Unlike most people, her magic is not limited. She can literally do anything with it. Literally.

    She uses a pair of double-bladed, silver-bladed kerambits. The hilts are made of water buffalo horn and have a black leather grip. There is a crescent each on the pommels. Both blades have no guard.

    Abilities/Skills: Despite her blindness, she has the ability to 'read' emotions. She is very empathic, and can easily communicate with them through emotions and find out their deepest fears and secrets, though she isn't exactly good with words. She also is very 'sensitive' as in picking up on things a normal human might not, like a slight change in a person's demeanor, a change in weather, a disturbance, or her enemy's movements.

    And obviously, since she is a therian, she has exceptional hearing and smell, and also can 'taste' the air like cats. She has excellent balance and tree climbing skills (Jungle Cats are quite arboreal) and is an excellent swimmer, though she doesn't like getting her head under the water. Being blind, and only able to rely on her magical senses underwater, she doesn't like it for it puts her at a major disadvantage.

    Her magical sense acts like a sixth-sense. It allows her to sense the physical outlines of things all around her, so if someone were trying to sneak up on her from the back she can literally sense their entire body shape, movements, and magical aura if anything. It compensates for her sight, if not even better than sight as it gives her a broader range of vision, literally cannot be deceived, and allows her to sense a person's magical aura. She can even sense things if they're not physically tangible, like magic itself. Her sixth-sense also allows her to sense if something is living or dead, and is incredibly detailed, so for example she could sense every grain of dirt in the ground.

    General Background: Explained in me fic, Path Through the Stars. :P

    Name: Faeleen Kinh

    Age: 14-ish, 15-ish.

    Gender: Female.

    Race: 'Human,' but descended from a special line of magic-using, wingless fairies/nature spirits.

    Appearance: She has a very sweet face, but that's hardly the truth. Her face is egg-shaped, her skin-tone a creamy-tan. Her eyes are round and sparkling often times, and are a bright shade of a whiskey-amber. She wears large, thick round glasses. She has a button-like, slightly upturned nose, and thick eyebrows. Her hair is a dark, very dark brown and falls past her shoulders. It's split down the left-side, and frames her face. Despite almost being a young woman, she looks more like a child than anything.

    She sports an interesting fashion statement. Under her all black Ao Tu Than robe and Ao Yem, she wears black breeches and worn, knee-high leather riding boots.

    Personality: She is, like her totem, secretive and 'invisible.' She prefers to keep to herself and her closest friends, and hates being out in huge crowds. The noises and smells overwhelms her, and being a Black Leopard totem, she hates being seen. Around her friends, she is catty and sarcastic, but cares for them deeply and is willing to kill to protect them. Sometimes she acts very primitive and feral, hissing and clawing; basically acting more animal than human. Her flaw is that she is too prideful of her skills. She is probably the smartest person out there, having a huge range of knowledge from everything and is used to having people looking up to her. Her magic skills in Spinning are also suburb, and she is very proud of it. Never, under any circumstances, insult her knowledge, intelligence, or magical prowess, or you might find something unpleasant stuck up your rear end, or some unfortunate magical mishap befalling you. She never forgets or forgives, and she is quick to anger and is very volatile. Unless you are her trusted friend, it is suggested to steer clear and step lightly.

    Weapon(s): A long, three-foot long bamboo baton. She also has two daggers, made of meteoric iron. They are double-sided, with a rounded guard and a curved hilt. At the pommel of each, rests a leopard head rearing in anger with jade eyes. The dagger blades are one foot long, and the hilt about half a foot long.

    She also found a small, magic stone when she was young that helps her channel her power.

    "The stone was roughly a heart shape, with smooth contours in its steel gray-green surface. It had small flecks of some clear crystal, with some slight facets. It was thicker at the top and thinner where the shape of the rock tapered. It was roughly as thick and wide as the tip of Faeleen's thumb."

    The stone is set in a handwoven, black hemp choker.

    Abilities/Skills: Being a Spinner, she can weave magic into any form she wants to. Her magic takes form in a floating ball of golden-green strands of light intertwined together. She can lob the balls as a weapon, or take one, individual strand and weave it into whatever she wants. She can extract a strand and use it like a whip, or surround her hands with her magic and jab at people. She can channel her magic through her weapons, which unlike others who can set their opponents on fire or freeze them, it inflicts powerful, physical and magical damage. She has no skills what-so-ever at physical fighting, and would rather make a speedy retreat up a tree or flee. She is very agile, limber and quick, and an extremely fast runner like any cat. Being a Black Leopard totem, she is also extremely proficient in climbing trees. Also growing up with pretty much all the money in the world, she also had a lot of chances to cultivate many skills, such as literacy and equestrianship.

    But obviously, she has a more of an intellectual side. Her life is books and literature. She enjoys reading, writing, and analyzing poetry, fictional novels, and anything she can get her hands on. She loves to draw Faeleen also loves macrame, making new settings for her stone when she can.

    Note: A 'totem' is basically an animal guardian spirit. Her Totem is Delacouri, a black leopard with stunning, copper-amber gold eyes with green casting. She is exceptionally small for her size, and is, in our terms, an Indochinese Leopard. Delacouri holds some power over darkness and the nightime, being a leopard, who are exceptional at stalking and staying invisible. Her pelt is not quite black, but rather the darkest of brown that is practically black to a wandering eye, and you can faintly see her rosettes when the moonlight hits her pelt just right.

    General Background: Daughter of a Magistrate, she always grew up in opulence and luxury. It wasn't until her friend found her totem, an Oriental Bay Owl, was when their powers were fully unlocked. The rest is explained in my fic, 'The Spinner.' :P

    Name: Masika du'Keirne/of the House of Hung (unfinished)

    Race: Directly descended from an incredibly old line of ancient beings, most like wingless fairies, and from an ancient lost kingdom.

    Age: 14

    Personality: Volatile. Extremely volatile. Her behaviour is completely unpredictable. Around strangers and the general public, she is soft-spoken, charming, endearing, kind, and courteous. Politely playful and demure. But her real personality is something a little less inviting. She really is quite loud, boisterous, still very kind and endearing though, but crass and rather blatantly rude. One of her most defining features is how dangerous she is. She never forgives or forgets. Ever. If pushed to the limits of her self-control, she can take lives and not feel a single shred of remorse. Despite her small stature, she is a formidable opponent and will give you hell if you dare to cross her in the wrong way. In which case she is cold, calculating, murderous and lacks all sense of mercy.

    Appearance: Clearly a Far Easterner. Her skin is a light tan, near a cream-coloured skin-tone. Her face is egg-shaped, with a prominent jawline and a flatish chin. Her nose is rather flat and wide, and thick, round glasses perch precariously on her nose. Her eyes are like a cat's. Round, large, and slanted upwards at the outer corners. Moderately-thick but very curled eyelashes frame her eyes. Her hair is naturally wavy, and a dark chestnut brown. It is split neatly down the left side, and falls down to her waist. Perhaps the most peculiar thing about her is her eyes. Her irises are rimmed in a dark charcoal. Despite them looking like an amber-whiskey, their true colour is a dark, golden-hazel which can only be seen in bright lighting. She is slightly built, thinner, more fine-boned than any other native of the land. She is very petite.

    Weapons: She is trained in archery. She owns an oak recurve bow and uses flint-tipped, owl-fletched arrows. She is also quite good with knives. She uses dual kerambits. The blades are dual-sided, and bronze. The hilt is a standard hilt, wrapped in leather. Instead of the finger ring, at the pommel is two bronze cat heads.

    She also wears an intricate locket, which seems inexplicably intertwined with her biological parents. The locket is of pure, burnished silver. It is shaped like an ovular sphere, and opens in half horizontally. The area where it opens is banded in silver, so when closed it gives the impression that the area around its middle is smooth. The designs on the top and bottom hemisphere are perfectly mirrored. From the exact front and back, top and bottom, two sprigs of long-stalked leaves sprout out, with two more long-leaves curling outwards. At the top and bottom of the locket, is a four-pronged design with the ends swirling out in the same direction. Flanking each sides of the leafy-sprigs, are three flowers each in an upside-down triangular formation. So on each hemisphere, there are six flowers in total. The locket dangles from a silver chain.

    History: Lol, I can't spoil the fic now, can I?

    Other: An excellent equestrian, weaver, poet, singer, musician. So much comes out of having money. Her bloodline allows her to have extra stealth skills. Often times, it will seem as if she were to melt into the shadows. She prefers the night to anything. She is a good assassin, considering her small build allows her to hide in many peculiar places, and her ability to move like a cat. After so many years of being around felines and adapting her behaviour, she sometimes seems more cat than human as her mannerisms follow of them

    Name: Corentine

    Age: She's not sure. Physically, she appears around 16. All she knows is that being a nature spirit, she was probably created a very long time ago.

    Gender: Female (DUH)

    Race: Venti/Anemoi Thuellai


  • Human form: She is small, tiny, petite, in every single possible way. Standing only around 5"2 and weighing 90 lbs, she is still a figure to be feared. Her skin is lightly tanned, and is free of any blemishes. The only mark she has is a lightning-shaped scar or birthmark on her right cheek. Her eyebrows are dark and rather wispy, like stormclouds, and are arched in a way that suggests her devilish behavior. Her eyes are quite large and rounded, the irises dark, stormy-green. Her hair is a dark nut-brown and falls past her waist.
  • Storm form: Corentine takes the form of a rather small, though imposing stormcloud. She can make herself into a thin wisp of smoky cloud-matter, or congeal into a full out stormcloud. What's distinctive about her in this form, is that the lightning flashing within her is black coloured.
  • Equine form: She takes the form of a very fine-chiseled, muscular Thoroughbred mare- except she's completely made out of smoke storms. Lightning sparks wherever her hooves tread, and smokey clouds trail from her body. Lightning will flash at random intervals in her body, and her eyes glow brightly like bottled, gold lightning. Her mane is medium-length, and her tail takes on an amorphous shape and trails misty smoke.
  • Personality: As one would expect, a very old soul. Can hardly be pushed to anger, and will often have a lazy approach towards things. Is always thinking a million things at once. She isn't nessesarily patronizing or condescending, but her old age does really make her wiser than most.

    Weapon(s): Being a storm spirit, she can become storm or create them in her wake. And since she is so ancient, she can create a hurricane if she wanted to, granted enough time to toil over it and energy. She can manipulate lightning and electricity, also, and can summon mists for obscurity or whatever the reason.

    General Background: She's so fricking ancient even she can't remember.

    Name: Cassiandra Rollandaughter

    Age: 15

    Gender: Female

    Race: Human, but is able to use mage magic.

    Appearance: Quote from said fic because I'm a lazy butt:

    "Ailouros could imagine Cassiandra's eyes 'blue' flaring with anger. According to the servants, her mistress was a very beautiful girl. She had long, 'blonde' hair, gunmetal 'blue' eyes, and a smattering of 'freckles.' Her skin was as fair as snow, her height tall and willowy. She had a lovely face apparently, also heart-shaped and with round eyes. Ailouros, being blind, didn't understand any of this. But she could very well believe that Cassiandra was beautiful, but she left that up to her rather limited imagination to figure out her lady's looks."

    She wears an odd fashion statement. She wears the dark purple and gold-gilded robes of a mage, but underneath she wears a white show blouse, beige breeches, and knee-high riding boots.

    Personality: She is extremely feisty, demanding, and catty, but with a good heart. Good luck if you get on her bad side. She is fiercely protective of her loved ones, and is the perfect 'mama bear

    Weapon(s): Her magic, obviously. She carries around a baton/scepter, topped with an ovular, amethyst stone embedded in the wood. It helps her channel her magic, and besides, getting thwacked in the head with a medium-sized stone on a stick hurts a lot. She relies mainly on her magical abilities, less physical (unlike Ailouros who balances it), but she can pack a pretty hard punch and kick. Her baton/scepter can be hung from a loop on her belt, or strung across her back. She is an excellent archer. She has an elven bow of mahogany, gilded with silver runes and glyphs. Her quiver is full of expertly made swan-fletched arrows, tipped with obsidian arrowheads.

    She has not yet found her Corazon, and her Mage Marking hasn't manifested yet, oddly.

    Abilities/Skills: Her magic is the colour of a dark, rich purple mixed in with blue. She uses it mostly offensively, but can use it to heal minor scrapes and wounds (nothing like on Ailouros's level of healing). Being a princess, she is very erudite and an excellent speaker, but lacks natural leadership qualities. She is very persuasive and is an excellent political debater. She also enjoys horseback riding, and is an excellent equestrian.

    General Background: In PTtS.

    Name: Adularia du'Keirne

    Nickname: (nupe)

    Age: 14

    Gender: Female

    country/continent/world of origin:


    Skills: Archery, artsy stuff (sketching, poetry and literature). Horseback riding and hand-to-hand combat. Mowing peoplw down verbally. Sneaking around and being a naughty spy. Creeping up on people and ripping their throats out. Being a Yandere (seemingly adorable then totally intimidating and murderous and crazy and stuff). Good at the literary and visual arts, and has a peculiar affinity for animals.


    Appearance: (quote from fic cuz in a lazy mood)

    "She was wearing the commoner's work clothing. She was compactly built and petite, and hid her feminine figure well in the loose, baggy clothing. Brown glasses perched on her slightly bulbous, big nose; her nose was rather broad and flat. Her glasses framed her upturned, double-lidded light amber eyes. With the way her eyes were shaped and the way her pink, big lips were upturned she seemed like a sprite- not a graceful fairy with playful features, but a small, implike creature that enjoyed wreaking havoc and mischief. The girl’s face was roundish with the still signs of baby fat, with a broad forehead and with a slightly square jaw and flattish chin. Her complexion was unusually bronzed and tan from time spent in the sun, but it appeared that having tanned skin was simply her natural skin tone. Her long dark-chestnut brown hair, parted down the middle, hung to her waist as she untucked it from under her cap. She had a rather imperious and arrogant air about her, suggesting she used to people falling at her feet.

    “You could be put in the stocks for stealing in the royal kitchens-!” he started angrily.

    A ray of sunlight struck her face and eye. Her eyes fluttering as she squinted against the pervading light, her true eye colour flared to life. Surrounding her pupil was a light, golden amber but the outer ring was a lighter champagne-honey with a bright hint of green. Her eyes were a rather unusual shade of coppery-green, the boy surmised."

    Personality: She's a brat. Very spoiled and frank. Doesn't like withholding information or telling even a white-lie. Unless she knows its necessary to keep her mouth shut. She is intuitive and perceptive, but doesn't really let people on. Sometimes she'll become nastily sadistic, but deep down is really giving and kind and rather mature compared to others her age.

    Strengths: She's VERY small, so she can move around quicker. She's fairly agile.

    Weaknesses: More than often her arrogance, and vain nature lands her in trouble. Rules don't really contain her, so she pretty much does whatever she wants. She's not very flexible (both mentally and physically).

    Weapons: Two, twin kerambits. Bronze blade and leather grip. A mahogany recurve bow with strange, floral and lunar designs etched on the bow. A quiver full of hawk-fletched arrows with obsidian tips.

    Accessories:(enchantments/equipment): She has a fabulous necklace. "It was a silver necklace. He turned it over in his hand, testing the weight by tossing it up and down a few times. The chain, which was styled in the bead chain fashion, was short enough to rest just below one's collarbone. Dangling from it was a small, heart-shaped pendant. The pendant was miniscule, hardly bigger than his pinky fingernail. There was a silvery, sort of translucent stone set in the silver bezel setting. It was cabochon-cut; at first Caolan thought it was catseye because of the strip of light down its middle diagonally, but upon further examination he realized that it was nothing of the sort, but rather a catseye variety of moonstone. The bail of the pendant was large, thick, and teardrop-shaped." It seems inexplicably connected to her birth parents.

    Family: Her adopted parents; she is an orphan. Kidnapped from the cradle, she was found in a foreign kingdom.

    General Background:

    Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

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    Path Through the Stars: A Constellation of Dreams reviews
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    It was on a snowy night Aurumia's littermates and she were taken from their pack. She was the sole survivor, but at a cost; she was blinded. Her pack and she prepare to make the annual migration to their summer hunting grounds, but then strange incidents occur. Wolves disappear, and the spirits are at unrest. Aurumia and her friends discover a dark secret that only they can thwart.
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    Caleb never really expected to find out that he and his friends had the uncanny ability to manipulate elements in nature. He can fry things with his mind, his friend can burn things to a crisp, and his brother can manipulate light. What's even worse, is that he has to track down a girl from his dream and other kids like him. The issue? They live all... across... the world.
    Fiction: Fantasy - Rated: T - English - Fantasy/Humor - Chapters: 1 - Words: 1,178 - Reviews: 2 - Favs: 1 - Follows: 2 - Published: 7/18/2014
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    Faeleen and her friend, Jae, are being sent to live temporarily at another city-state to learn how to be proper ladies. During a trip to a library, Faeleen unearths an ancient scroll filled with things she'd only dream of. But when an ancient foe rose as Faeleen discovered her untapped power, can she forsake everything in her old life to save everything she loves?
    Fiction: Fantasy - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Fantasy - Chapters: 1 - Words: 1,895 - Reviews: 2 - Favs: 1 - Updated: 7/15/2014 - Published: 7/5/2014
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    A young Indochinese Tiger cub, taken from her family and sold into the slave trade. A snake king, pride broken and bruised. An owl with a broken heart and wish for freedom. Three creatures, of Sky, Earth, and Water must join together, despite their difference, to put an ancient wrong right, to put an evil to sleep, and to adhere to the desperate pleas of freedom.
    Fiction: Fantasy - Rated: K+ - English - Fantasy/Spiritual - Chapters: 3 - Words: 3,230 - Reviews: 5 - Favs: 2 - Follows: 1 - Updated: 8/9/2013 - Published: 4/24/2013
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