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hi, everyone! :) i'm pleased you've come by to check out my profile. if you're interested, go ahead and read my stuff- tell me what you think!

but i've come here today to make a statement.

in light of horrific events, such as the pulse nightclub shooting, i just want to put something out there.

it is never, never okay, to commit a hate crime (which can be as innocuous as barbed statements attacking them, physically committing a crime, or otherwise disrespecting another human being) or discriminate against someone for their gender identity, sexuality, sex, ethnicity, race, or religion.

i've met so many people from so many different walks of life- muslims, christians, buddhists, gays, trans people, bisexual people, omnisexual people and pansexual people. they're all wonderful, kind people who are my dear friends who have aspirations and dreams just like the rest of us. i think a lot of times we forget that under all that, they're still human beings with feeling and capable of compassion and empathy just like you or me. just because they're different doesn't mean we should mistreat them- we should embrace their uniqueness!

it's not fair to box someone in due to one aspect of their personality. only 27% of americans hold muslims in a favorable light, isn't that sad? you can't just judge someone on one aspect of their identity- that's like if someone expects me to be good at math and make the chinky eyes at me because i'm asian. it happens pretty often, sadly. i'm more than just an asian- i love animals, reading, and books too!

i have a lot of dear muslim friends. they're the sweetest people i know, and it's unfair how people treat them due to the radical extreme actions a few others do under their name. if we all discriminate against each group of people due to certain people doing crazy things, then we'd all be at war! a small minority does not represent the whole group- we're all unique individuals.

to quote atticus finch in to kill a mockingbird: "the evil assumption that all Negroes are evil..." you could easily replace the word 'Negro' just as easily with gay, trans, muslim, christian, buddhist, lgbtqia, women, men- it's never okay to put someone under an umbrella.

i understand if due to religion, or just your personal beliefs, you are uncomfortable with the lgbtqia community. seriously, that's fine. but we must always remember to respect them, even if we don't agree with them, and remember that you can never tell someone how to live their life.

if we all take a stand, regardless of our personal beliefs, to do the right thing, we can make a difference in the world, and one day, we'll all be able to live in harmony and respect one another despite our differences.

:) ciao, friends!



{little miss saigon with a hint of paris}

Giang Tien- Yahng Tee-ihn


1. Just Miss Saigon (of the Vietnamese ethnicity)


-cat with rabies

-eyes like hazel skies (after the rain)

-just being a wallflower

-the frenetic enigma


-quiet contemplation

-a creature of constance ambivalence

-of pastels, river and stars and the moon with just a hint of kirakira-sparkle and the smell of fresh rains

-green jade with a little bit of moonstone-shimmer and sunstone-glow, throw in some topaz and citrine and pearls for good measure

-because the floral pinks (of lotuses, roses of sharon, peonies, and camellias) match with the apple greens, dark mossy greens, celadon green, shimmering cerulean, navy blues, bottle greens (eyes) and reflecting the sea greens and the vibrant cherry reds and deep, intense crimsons

-can't forget the royal purples of a sunset and the kooky oranges of the dawn

-fluent-ish in spanish, proficient in vietnamese

-lowkey learns french on the side

-flower girl wreathed in a crown of the evening sun

-eclectic eccentric

-world traveler

-"i can't swim, but i can scream help in 99 different languages!"- missandei, game of thrones, fellow polyglot

-feathers that drop poetry

-two dogs: pitbull/lab/mastiff/st. bernard/boxer mix and cocker spaniel/chihuaha/pomerian mix

2. Many nicknames:



-Jolie (Jo)

3. Examples of word in sentence:

-dreams of being a doctor (or vet)

-animal nerd

-cat lady

-help all, love all

-desperate love for learning

-well-verses in the art of geeking

-(and bingewatching unhealthily)


-first love: literature and writing

-dreams of writing books

-guitarist // piano // ukelele // ex-flutist

-meanwhile, horseback riding and sketching and writing and painting and drawing

-wandering vagabond for meaning

-secretly a Disney princess in her head


-Shingeki no Kyojin (levi owns your butts)

-the Scorpio Races (iM A HOPELESS HORSE NERD K)

-MIRACULOUS, SIMPLY THE BEST //bricked (its actually Miraculous Ladybug, ya'll)

-Puella Magi Madoka Magica


-Mirai Nikki

-Vampire Knight (guilty pleasures, everybody has them *sobs*)



-Tokyo Ghoul (tell me, oh tell me, how does it go??)

-the Devil is a Part-Timer (like one half episode, i will go back and finish it one day i swear)


-Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood (plz we no speak of the 2003 version) (FAVORITE ANIME HERE GUIS)


-Xenoblade Chronicles

-Beyond the Boundary



-Teen Titans

-the Flash


-Legends of Tomorrow

-Anastasia (the FOX movie) (one of the best, honestly)

-the WaterFire Saga

-DISNEY. (Disney princesses, the other movies, yessss)

-Tangled (watched it 8 times over, seriously)



-Under a Painted Sky


-The Little Mermaid

-The Snow Queen

-Wings of Fire (one of my favorite series ever)

-Game of Thrones


-Jack London, Frances Hodgson Burnett, Charles Dickens, Mark Twain

-Pam Munoz Ryan, Crystal Velasquez, Kathryn Lasky, Tui Sutherland

-Heroes of Olympus/Percy Jackson

-Hunters of Chaos

-Kane Chronicles

-Black Beauty, White Fang, Tom Sawyer, the Secret Garden

-Spirit Animals

-Paint the Wind

-The Girl Who Could Fly

-Canterwood Crest

-Horses of the Dawn

-Avalon: Web of Magic (this is bae)

-the Inheritance Cycle

-The Wheel of Time

-the Lunar Chronicles

-Harry Potter

-Code Lyoko


-Rurouni Kenshin

-Fairy Tail

-Yuri on Ice!!!!

-Avatar: the Last Airbender

-the Legend of Korra

-Marvel Superheroes

-Star Wars

-too many more to count...

4. The bands:

-Green Day

-Fall Out Boy

-David Bowie

-the Beatles

-Panic! At the Disco

-Luna Shadows

-Lindsey Stirling

-Frank Sinatra

-most movie/video game osts

-indie stuff

-indie rock

-Various other artists/songs




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Path Through the Stars: A Constellation of Dreams reviews
Ailouros is the sole survivor of the king's conquest. Taken into slavery, she is sold to the Crown Princess of Argor. Her life is bland, boring at the least, but all of that changes one day when she undergoes a stunning transformation. Now with no choice but to run, she flees the only home she's known.
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to friends, bubbles, inner-kitty puppies, growing up children, and ships. happy birthday, you little monado-boi.
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Magic isn't rare nor common in the kingdom of Aurulean. But for the first time in thousands of years the High King and his entire family possesses magic- at least, his biological family. 14 years ago, he adopted a baby he rescued. She was different- but there was something else that set her apart. On her birthday, she awakens something that endangers everything she cares about...
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because life is a great sea of sharks and blood-thirsty piranhas, it's quite hard to participate in and so we cling to the security of the walls, but by doing so it's our inevitable downfall.
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when the sun goes down, the demons rouse.
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It was on a snowy night Aurumia's littermates and she were taken from their pack. She was the sole survivor, but at a cost; she was blinded. Her pack and she prepare to make the annual migration to their summer hunting grounds, but then strange incidents occur. Wolves disappear, and the spirits are at unrest. Aurumia and her friends discover a dark secret that only they can thwart.
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Caleb never really expected to find out that he and his friends had the uncanny ability to manipulate elements in nature. He can fry things with his mind, his friend can burn things to a crisp, and his brother can manipulate light. What's even worse, is that he has to track down a girl from his dream and other kids like him. The issue? They live all... across... the world.
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A young Indochinese Tiger cub, taken from her family and sold into the slave trade. A snake king, pride broken and bruised. An owl with a broken heart and wish for freedom. Three creatures, of Sky, Earth, and Water must join together, despite their difference, to put an ancient wrong right, to put an evil to sleep, and to adhere to the desperate pleas of freedom.
Fiction: Fantasy - Rated: K+ - English - Fantasy/Spiritual - Chapters: 3 - Words: 3,230 - Reviews: 5 - Favs: 2 - Follows: 1 - Updated: 8/9/2013 - Published: 4/24/2013
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