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Victatious - A word formed by clever shaping and molding as the evident lack of its existence has caused some concern. Having to use multiple words to describe what this word captures in one. It means to be glorious, powerful, free spirited and deviant in nature.

Once something pops into my head, I try my best to jot it down quickly. I'm the type of person who loses the plot halfway through the story, then leaves it sitting there until; as my friend calls it, the plot bunny comes back to me. If not... She brutally attempts to beat it into me. No, it's not very fun... It's rather abusive. >.>

Maybe at some point I'll add some visuals to my stories, if a drawing mood hits me.

I'm not exactly sure if I'll continue posting my stories on FictionPress. I may switch over to Fanfiction since most of my character names are borrowed; as I'm too lazy to make names myself. Fanfiction puts it into categories rather than having it all out there, so people don't have to read a couple they don't like.

Thanks for checking in, whether it was trying to find out who I am, how I act, or anything else about me. Bye!