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Hey there. My name is sniperthe0ne and I came here because i found that lots of people like to put down there stories here and I tort it would be great if i did the same myself.

I have for as long as i can remember loved a good story and then making my own out of bits of inspiration from the things i watched and over the years it cane to the point where i told myself why don't i just put it on paper. as the years went by i came up with lots of crazy stories and as the things i enjoyed watching changed so did the ideas, Now days I find anime and manga to be my peak of interest and it dose not look like that is about to change any time soon

So my latest work is a fantasy, romance, shonin story mixed in with other story types the are inspired by finale fantasy, Naruto, devil may cry, Clannad a very little i guess. It's called The demons sword Sorataki. "Sorataki" means SkyFall witch i swear i started calling it long before that bond move was even shown lol. The "Demon sword." however... Well lets just say I got something to do with a series i was working on before this is in the same world as this one and at the time i just chose the name on the spot i may change it to something more better someday but until then...

Well anyways if you see something that seem a little like a show let me know. Altho i do my best to be original i would not be surprised if i have taken more from them than I noticed. XD

For those who read it let me know what you liked. it did started off as a script and now im split on weather I should make it more novel like so it's a bit of booth at this point but do give me some CC on it and enjoy.

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