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Glossary of fantasy terms for Elahilamalafos:

Andethall—The world in which everyone lives. A dangerous place. Would not recommend for travel.

Belidian Isles—A country near Thendor Island

Crawlers—Creatures with hard bodies and more than four legs that crawl on the ground or at the bottom of the ocean

Elahilamalafos—Ancient term to describe a deity that transcends time and space

Karlaton—A predominantly human country in the northern continents

Kryptillia—A race of humanoids, still extant. They have long, pointed ears, antennae, fur on their elbows and calves, and are insectivores.

Magic—The unexplainable happenings that occur when certain mathematical ratios are reached

Northern Continents—A collection of continents and countries in the northern hemisphere populated primarily by humans

Northern Standard—The primary language spoken in the Northern Continents

Pakelo—Kryptillian term; synonymous to “dumbass”

Sard—A large, reptilian creature domesticated for travel and transport

Selos—A year marker, kind of like "circa" I guess

Southern Continents—A collection of continents and countries in the southern hemisphere populated primarily by the alien race the Kryptillia

Southern Standard—The primary language spoken in the Southern Continents

Thendor—A predominantly human, small island country in the northern continents. Recently industrialized

Wingers—Creatures with hard bodies and more than four legs that fly in the sky

Zod—The spirit realm. Actually believed in, not so much; but often referenced in exclamations of distress.

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Elahilamalafos reviews
Kass Cooper, a girl with the strange ability to predict things through her dreams, sets out into a foreign country on a quest to save her island after dreaming of its destruction. But when her chaperone goes missing, she and a couple of other kids with strange abilities of their own must embark on a journey throughout the land to find her.
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Uploading old stuff for funsies. Wrote it when I was 15. It's about an innocent kiddo who meets her demise in a mysterious and [conveniently] unexplained experiment.
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The Sword and the Slave
Uploading old stuff for funsies. Wrote it when I was 14. It's uh... um... it's certainly a story. Two girls are switched at birth. One is living the life of a royal. One is a slave. Both are morons lol
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