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Update 02 January 2003

Happy New Year!

At the moment I am working on several projects - the first being Cynehelme (another gundam wing story). Look out for frequent updates as I am already working on chapter 10 ^_^

Also in the works is Maids of Silva co-written by Iris Anthe and Goldberry. This is another GW story focusing on the 1xR and 2xH pairings. We will be posting this under the author name of 'Happily Ever After' and we should start posting this soon. Its based on the fairy tale Snow White and Rose Red. Please check out both Goldberry and Iris Anthe's writings - they are super authors!

I have not forgotten Inuyasha! I was so bowled over by the feedback I got for Dreams, it has made me itch to write more. However, I do want to get Cynehelme out of the way first. Rest assured, I have another fic that centres of Kagome and Inuyasha which will have healthy doses of angst and romance in it ^^

Check out the fanart to your right. This was done by the very talented Ri - check out her page at http:///ri_hito