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Hey. Here's a little background info for ya.

I am entirely female. I live in Louisville, Kentucky. And no, that does not mean I ride horses.

I am a singer and if I had children writing and singing would be my twin babies. Equal love for both. Oddly enough though I can't write a song to save my life :(

I am one of six(ish) children which has its ups and down. Two sisters, three brothers. Grr.

I really need to read more but, aaahhh high school is haaarddd. I also cannot stand ghost readers/writers. That's right, I'm talking to all of you people who are on this site because you expect reviews, but then don't bother to review anyone else's work! I you don't review, why would think anyone else is going to!? That is one reason I have not been on this site anymore: this is supposed to be a system that encourages feedback and lets writers develop. However, if no one talks to each other that won't happen will it!?Ok. Rant. Over

But whatever. Read my stories if you want. But you don't have to. Then again, I guess if you didn't want to read any of my stuff then you wouldn't have clicked on it. ;)

I am

slightly neurotic

completely diabolic

unfortunately devoted

and unable to show it

I have a big family

too big for me


I am

maybe creative?

blind to how I am seen

but obsessed with my image

which is not to say that

I am really conceited

just concerned

with me.

I am

an avid singer

and addicted to opera

"Don't judge it's awesome!"

I am in musical theatre

which doesn't mean

that I am crazy


I am

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love is a thing that you do
Love is a thing that yoU do to me
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This is kinda controversial, and I know I may get some hate for my beliefs but I cannot stay silent pertaining to something which I feel so strongly about. I will not sit complacently by as something I view as immoral is perpetuated around the world. So I'm done pulling punches. Here it is
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I cannot sumarize poetry, fictionpress
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My brother had my idol since I was born. I wanted to be him, and he wanted to be everything. But that everything didn't include in a coma. Now Zach, once so full of life, is still, and this new boy who shows up at the hospital one day is so like him, and yet not, I don't know whether to follow him everywhere, or stay as far away as possible. He might be too much like my brother.
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I cannot summarize poetry, fictionpress.
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The grass was soft, so soft.
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I know I'm dead. That much is obvious. What I don't know is what you are, or why you're here. I'll go insane if I don't talk to someone though, so it might as well be you. Maybe this is my punishment. Erica Hale, whose downfall was caused by her big mouth, cursed to never shut up. I can practicall here the demons laughing. Oh well. At least someone found this whole thing funny.
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Regular is not a word I would have used to describe my existence. I used to be. Completely regular I mean. I was the epitome of regular. That is, up until two years ago. I had been praying for regular most of my new life. Well, as regular as a vampire's life could ever be. (btw these are actual vampires!)WNT B UPDTD RGULRLY! WORKING ON OTHER STORY
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Well I don't know how to describe this one. Unless you couldn't tell it's about life. :)
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Just a little free verse-ish poem that would not leave me alone. Sort of about lost childhood fantasies.
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