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Newly Obsessed "Sunset Boulevard" Fan Seeks Similarly Afflicted Other.

Or, in other words, are there any other SB fans out there? The movie or the musical, I don't mind which. And if any of those fans write fic, it would be much better :) I'm desperate here, people!

"Sunset Boulevard" related Claim To Fame
On May 4th, I saw the tour in Birmingham on its last night, and met Faith Brown. The Monday before that, I'd sent her and her co-star Jeremy Finch copies of my SBfic (see list below) and, to my great honour and surprise, she'd found the time to read it. Not only that, she liked it :)

I'm a happy fanficcer :D

ADDITIONAL: On September 28th 2002, I saw the show (yes, again!) close in Manchester, dragging three friends along for the ride. And I met Faith again - and she remembered me :D

Things to make you jealous:
June 21st-23rd 2002, Norbreck Castle Hotel, Blackpool. The first SFX Event. And my first proper convention. I met (in no particular order)

Paul Goddard (Stark in 'Farscape')
Andrew J Robinson (Garak in 'Star Trek: Deep Space Nine')
Alexander Sidding ["Sid"] (Bashir in DS9)
James Marsters (Spike in 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer')

And as for James Marsters - well, he hugged me. Twice.

I'm done. ;)

And now for the real profile:
I'm just an impoverished and unpublished author wannabe looking for fame :) The liklihood of me finding it on FFN is, admittedly, pretty slim, but it's close enough to a real publisher for my liking.

I write fanfic for Star Trek:Voyager and occasionally Deep Space 9, The Phantom of the Opera, Pokemon, Jonathan Creek (if you don't know, don't ask!), Farscape, Frasier (none up as yet), Buffy: the Vampire Slayer and, for what it's worth, Sunset Boulevard... plus whatever else happens to take my fancy.

Apart from this, I write short stories and the odd poem, and I WAS working on a novel until I gave up... but I might start that again one day... If you would be so kind, the prologue is currently up in the novel section of FFN, and i'm rooting for reviews, and the more I get, the sooner Chapter 4 gets here... and also Part IV of the POTO saga... *innocent "I-don't-know-the-meaning-of-the-word-bribe" smile*

All these and more available on my site :) Go see...

PS: I'm also on YIM as teylaminh as well as AIM as teylamina (for some reason it's not showing up) and MSN as teylaminh@. I deleted ICQ; it scares me :(

My muse is currently on complete overdrive and I'm churning out "Farscape" fics like there's no tomorrow. I'm considering making a new account and shoving all of my original stuff to it because my statistics page is getting very crowded...

Watch this space!

Right, I have a new account, where all my original work will be. Look for Electra Creek and you're there! Reviews needed!