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I, HenryDavid, do solemnly swear to review all the stories I enjoy, regardless of the number of reviews, its age, or anything else.

I have joined the review revolution, post this in your profile and join the revolution!

Video Games: AceCombat 4, 5, Zero, 6 - I can't wait for AceCombat Infinity!

Call Of Duty- 4 through Black Ops II, Will be buying Ghosts, but only playing the campaign. Possibly special ops if they have it.

Mercenaries 2, World In Flames is fun... like a cleaner GTA. Otherwise, the older Medal Of Honor and SOCOM games are also some of my most loved. Battlefield 2, Modern Combat- a game I play to this day. I have never owned GTA, and I don't want to- shooting civilians seems unclean to me, and I disagree with it. In Mercenaries, they don't die, and if you hurt a civilian you lose $20,000.

Systems: PS3, PS2, PS1, PSP- I HAVE an XBOX 360 but no games for it, since I got rid of AC6, and don't use it since I don't want to pay for internet. I think my dad's getting the PS4.

Music: DragonForce, AvengedSvenfold, Evanescence- electronic or indie rock. (Nightcore versions, mostly.)

Pop music that isn't nightcored makes me want to expunge the contents of my stomach. Nikki Minaj cannot rap, and all those artists that autotune their stuff CANNOT sing. The Black Eyed Peas had some good stuff, and Superbass was amazing- the only song I appreciate. And you watching their stuff via YouTube on a VEVO only gives money to the record company: They only get a siphon off their own work- all the ad revenue goes to the record company. Do NOT feel guilty about getting this music on a 3rd party's channel or via... ahem, cough cough download cough.

Favorite songs: Lithium, Heroes Of Our Time, My Immortal, Hail to the King, You're gonna go far kid

TV Shows: FRIENDs, Big Bang (The old seasons), Anything that runs/ran/will run on History/Discovery/Nova. But not the duck dynasty stuff- etc. That's not history, sorry.

Hobbies: Writing, Biking, Mowing for money, currently working at a grocery store.

Major: Aeronautical Engineering at the U of M college of Science and Engineering, Graduation Date for B.A.E.M. is 2017.

HenryDavid, just a screen name- Cipher, Blaze, Mobius 1, Razgriz 1, Galm 1, Talisman, Garuda 1- The vegetarian fighter pilot.

You can address me as whichever one of the names above, as you see fit. (Yes; I'm an AceCombat Fanboy.)

I am a 16-year old honors student, and I love my schooling, unlike some people friends with and/or related to me.
I live in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Yes, I no longer consume meat products. Mmmm, cheese. Cheese is like cocaine.

I am on a journey of self improvement; and I would be honored if you came along for the ride with me.
Recently, I have improved much- mainly due to how much love I received on this site. And my thanks is extended- as an honor to those people, my old stuff remains here.

Every other passenger is welcomed. Reviews and favorites are returned. (Requests met via PM and after reading and commenting on a story of mine only. But after that, I'm very willing to help you all.)

I would be willing to talk with you about your family or life problems, and give a sympathetic ear and advice. I love to help people, and I want everyone to be happy with their lives. I would love to talk with you over it; no matter the problem intensity, type, feelings, etc.

I've just now finished my novel, which was started in October of 2012- and while I've been busy with schoolwork, I've loved it from the start- and I'd like to think that it has an interesting premise.

I will make a full statement to you all: If you post an angry, long review which basically DESTROYS a story of mine, I will appreciate you more than if you just say "Cool." to a story that is AWFUL. Please, tell me what you think. Always what you think, and nothing but what you think. I actually laugh, and clap my hands and say out loud: "I love this person!" when you do that. It's happened before.
Two stories on my page have been taken down in such a manner, and they were both horrible. Even I knew that. Please, if you find any problems, attack the story. I will love you for it. Just a masochistic quirk of mine. (I will review this way too, but I'll be nice about it. Ask AmberBabyGirl.)

Just keep this in mind: some stories are from the first person. Thus, the person's flaws become apparent. This is the case for the Meteors story, which is the reason I started this page.

Thanks for stopping by! If you are leaving, I'm sorry I didn't interest you. If you would be so kind, please send me a private message as to why you were not impressed with me, and I'll try to do better.

Thank you all for your time!


-Any of the Monikers up there ;)

These people are very important to me; on this site; and comment and favorite a lot of my work. I love reading their work as well; It means a lot if you check them out too. They will appreciate it if you comment and favorite/follow their stuff. Tell them Henry David sent you :)

These are ranked in order of how much I reccomend new readers to go there, based on how often they update and their content's quality. All of them are my good friends. Some people from this list left, others stopped writing or messaging me, and others' stuff did not signify my style of being open and positive. And it's a shame when people are taken off this list.

In order of recommendation.

Friends Without Benefits because I'm forever alone:

Alliscrashing: http://www.fictionpress.com/u/814821/

AmberBabyGirl: http://www.fictionpress.com/u/774329/

LoliTroy: http://www.fictionpress.com/u/822002/

About my Novel, Eagle One:

It's back! =D

I would like for most of my friends and family to finish it by the start of November. No spoilers, but you will all see why. All my friends and family share a role in it, and it's taken about a year's worth of work to make it reader-ready!

Here are some images that will help wonders in the interpretation and viewing of this book: US first, the other guys after that:

Having the image in your mind may help your imagination; to help you see what I see. I own none of these images; they will take you off-site. I do not own these images; these are all of free sources.

The USA's Force:

F-22 'Raptor': http:///wallpaper/aircrafts_military_f-22_raptor_2295b_0430w_f22_desktop_1920x1200_wallpaper-306496.jpg

F-5 'Freedom Fighter': http:///-5wGsD9DvZSc/Tlagd_BtIZI/AAAAAAAAA9I/nGSugCv5TR4/s1600/F-5freedomfighter001.jpg

F-16 'Viper/Fighting Falcon': http:///gvn2/main.php?g2_view=core.DownloadItem&g2_itemId=4869&g2_GALLERYSID=TMP_SESSION_ID_DI_NOISSES_PMT

F-15 A/B/C/D 'Eagle': http:///2010/09/f-15.jpg

F/A-18 'Hornet/Superhornet' (Latter is bigger- identical airframes and planforms regardless): http:///fs46/PRE/i/2009/202/9/5/F18_Hornet_No_Vapour_by_skerwish.jpg

AC-130 'Spooky/Hercules': http:///wikipedia/commons/thumb/3/31/AC-130.JPEG/800px-AC-130.JPEG

A-10 'Warthog': http:///shared/media/photodb/web/070330-F-4911N-958.jpg

B-2 ‘Spirit’: http:///articlePictures/b-2stealth.jpg

B-1 'Lancer': http:///plog-content/images/1280x1024/military/b_1_lancer_1280x1024.jpg

F/A-35 ‘Lightining II’: http:///wp-content/uploads/2013/03/f35.jpg
(All three variants pretty much look the same- Carrier based has larger wings, VTOL variant has a lift-fan cover)

FB-22 Concept, 'Strike Raptor': http:///wallpapers/aircraft/501056.jpg
(This plane never got past the concept stage in real life.)

C-5 Galaxy (Among the world's largest aircraft- Used for extreme lifting): http:///wikipedia/commons/thumb/e/e6/C5_galaxy.jpg/800px-C5_galaxy.jpg

Other guys:

Mig-29 'Fulcrum': http:///aircraft/fighter/mig29/mig29_12.jpg

SU-27 'Flanker': http:///-_zYiqtjoh2Q/Sl0xVPugheI/AAAAAAAAAGQ/LsIIEb3ZMEc/s640/su-27.jpg

SU-35/37 'SuperFlanker/Terminator' (The latter has thrust vectoring- which is not easily seen- but otherwise they are identical): http:///aircraft/fighter/su37/su37_03.jpg

PAK-FA: http:///fighter/gfx/pak_fa/t50_pak_fa_fighter_3.jpg

The Gunships: A modified version of This (With Guns and Missiles Galore): http:///wikipedia/commons/thumb/3/33/B-52_flying_over_clouds.jpg/800px-B-52_flying_over_clouds.jpg

The Stealth Bombers: Use your imagination; but they are a desert-camoflauge version similar to THIS plane, as I have imagined- with steeper wing sweep, sharper exhaust triangles at the back, and a larger platform for more fuel: http:///articlePictures/b-2stealth.jpg


EF-2000 'Typhoon' (Eurofighter): http:///JOW/Typhoon-DD-RIAT-2009-JOW-1S.jpg

TND-IDS 'Tornado': http:///model/museum/tnd_gr1.jpg

JAS-39C 'Gripen': http:///aviation-photos/photos/1/0/6/1533601.jpg

S-37 (SU-47): http:///wp-content/uploads/2010/06/Sukhoi-Su-47.jpg

No, I have never killed a man. I hope I never have to, but I will, to do what's necessary.

Remember, Remember, the 5th of November.

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Drew Torres has watched from the sidelines for too long as his best friend, and girl of his dreams, Ryan Palmer is abused. Now she has spiraled into a dark depression, and he's almost lost her. Will he be enough to save her and drag her back from the brink of suicide or will he lose her for good? **Trigger Warning: Sensitive Content Relating to Abuse, Depression & Self-Mutilation*
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Eagle One: A novel reviews
A very hard past left First Lieutenant Henry Anderson of the USAF on a very rickety foundation for the tragic events that followed, when China invaded his nation. Could he keep moral compass while dealing harm, and balance friendships with enemies? But who were really friends, and who were just wearing masks? His hindsight tells these from a new perspective. T: Violence/Language
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Best Friend in Love: Fun, huh? reviews
Yet another depressive blog written by me, before I climbed out of the dark hole I used to live in. Real posts. Kept because of the loving reviews- thanks, you guys are awesome! Thanks for all the help, seriously. :)
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This was a diary of sorts to me, Before I climbed out of the dark hole I used to reside in. I'm keeping it around for other people, and to make sure I remember that no matter how much some insist, other people really do care about me. Thanks for all of it. Seriously. And this shouldn't be active anymore- but it is depressive inside- reflecting me. I love you all :)
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I shut my eyes, and my heart beats slower. I've never seen or heard a person sink lower. I float away; free from the world. But I simply drift to her, her body unfurled.
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How dare you say that my pain is lesser? How dare you say that I don't feel what you do? How can you say that I'm not crazy inside... how can you say that I'm not like you? How can you accuse me of having less pain... how dare you? (To my friend with many problems in her past.)
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This is a story of a Father's love for his daughter; and It is a good heartwarming story. A good story to read after watching the Colbert Report. (Joking.) I can't wait to be married and have children; and I used that to motivate this; and it's emotional charge. Thank you for reading my story. If you don't mind, please check out my other stories. It would mean a lot to me :)
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This is a set of double-haikus; (If that is a thing); and it is not strict adherence to the laws of poetry; but it is the content that matters. This is a result of a self-examination and the world in front of me. It is the result of a self-scan. I care about people; sometimes too much. I wish I was Jesus... Please check out my page; I'm a writer who would love to be heard.
Poetry: Haiku - Rated: K - English - Drama/Hurt/Comfort - Chapters: 1 - Words: 221 - Reviews: 4 - Favs: 2 - Published: 4/17/2013