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Attempting to push the boundaries and explore different ways of constructing fiction without labouring over plot lines, planning and structure. Hopefully incorporating subplots, layers, symbolism and themes through first editing, the second drafting and re-writing, picking out important details and constructing a flowing storyline.

No planning goes into my stories. No characters are carefully thought up or created, none have pre determined backstories or descriptons or even names. I literally pick a starting technique (in Charity I have used photo prompts to get my imagination going) and then write whatever comes to me, leaving the refining for the editing and redrafting process. I'm hoping this will give me a raw base of plot to work with at the end of the free writing process.

I'm also hoping to be able to share the process as and when I do it to give others and idea of a different way of working other than your English teacher may have taught you in school (making details notes, character backgrounds, beginning middle and end plots etc) aside from my own English teacher who many moons ago now introduced me to photo prompted free writing.

Charity is my first attempt at writing a full novel this way. I'm hoping to steer it into the direction of a horror novel but who knows where it may end up, I still have no clear direction other than perhaps the next three or four pages ahead of writing.

All constructive critisism is very welcome, I'm pretty bad at proof reading for spellings (or replacing words like at and are with and haha) and I'm also very rusty with writing believeable dialogue. Even ideas on directions to take the story are welome although I can't gaurantee I'll use them all (or any of them).

Hopefully I can get into beta reading horror novels also, I'm terribly nosey and love to read and review peoples fiction if I enjoy the story and writing.

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Dog Days reviews
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