The Change
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I am a mystery to all,

I do not show my emotions because I have none,

My heart went out years ago and has not beaten for anyone,

I thought I had found the one but it wasn't the truth and I don't know if I should continue to feel this way about a hopeless love,

But I don't think about the past I think of a better future,

I think of a different hope for all,

Most of all I think of a change,

A change in all who need it the chance of a new change,

Will it happen? who knows?

We all have had a chance but how about a change?

Is it what you want or is it what you need?

Because what you want and what you need are two different things and they are not at all similar,

Who am I?

I am The Change, and I live up to my words and promises even if everyone else gives up on theirs,

I make a difference, I am different from most.

I make a Chance for others and a Change for myself,

Artemis isn't me its my best friend, sadly she does not have a fictionpress account but she has a fanfiction account

username: artemisjackson, no caps,

love by PolkadotTruffles reviews
i'm still not good at poetry...enjoy!
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Until You Wake Up
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You Don't Even Know It
When I watch you, it will always be from a distance, they keep you away from me, because they don't want you to see the world that everyone else sees, but I want to love you, not from a distance but right in front of you. I do love you, so much. you don't even know it, another 'Artemis' original,
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Everlasting Mark
Just read because no summary can come close to the true feelings she felt for this person, and it was not fair, even if it happened two years ago, they still have chemestry even if they don't want to admit it,
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I just wrote what I think my best friend feels like right now... Not sure if these are her true feelings but... This to me is what her face shows,
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The Only One
It was always funny to you, you wanted me and I wanted you, but you when you had me.. If I only knew, the love you felt for me.. It wasn't true, it was all a lie and I feel like I've died inside, you are made the pain and the end to come, this is what you get for lying about me being 'The Only One' Another 'Artemis' original,
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Wolf Whisperer
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