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These are Elise's cousins...

She committed suicide on 10/25/13...

She was our angel...

We'll miss you, Elise...

So much...

"The happiest people are the saddest inside..."

About MissLovelyPrincess

Hi! I'm MissLovelyPrinces! My pen name used to be 'Unfading Memories,' but I changed it to match my fanfiction one. :)

Anyways, call me Elise! If you want to know my real name, go decode my ninja one. It's Katotokazukutataku...

Anyways, I'm 11 1/2! I was born on the day the twin towers were crashed. I'm in sixth grade and LOVE writing. But I kind of fail at it... T.T At least I try, right? :)

My personality? I'm really, really emotional. Seriously. I feel bad for stuffed animals when I don't spend enough time with them (which is really stupid). And I can't stand to see anyone crying. I don't know, that's just... me, I guess. So, at first glance I may seem really, really shy. But if you get to know me really well, I'm completely insane. Just warning you... :D

My hobbies? Well, writing is my favorite thing ever! :D My next favorite thing after writing? Probably singing... I don't know. I really like singing. And I also like drawing manga. I'm horrible at it, but at least you can tell it's a person. Sometimes. XD

Why do I write? I guess... want to make a new world. I want to test the limits of my imagination, I want to feel the joy of a happy ending. It's amazing how words can make a world that's so beautiful. So really, the reason I want to be a writer is to have fun.

So... it would probably be nice to tell you about my fanfics. Most of them are about romance! :D Unfortunately, I have NO idea about romance at all... so... they end up being really bad. Oh well. My stories are also really dialogue heavy. Sorry. T.T And LASTLY, they're really boring! Long story short, I'm really bad at writing. Too bad I love it so much... TT_TT

Stories to be Written:

Magical: "Look, whatever this stupid magic is, I DON'T CARE. I'm happy the way I am!" I yelled. Attempt to keep calm: failed. But the girl merely shook her head. "If you don't help, there will be no way to save... him."

Weak Spot: He scowled. How was it possible that he could win a battle against a thousand people by himself, eyes closed, and she could freeze every muscle in his body with a single smile?

The World of Writers

By MissLovelyPrincess


They don't see a rock

As a rock

Or a tree

As a tree.

They see everything

As an inspiration.

An idea.

A story in disguise,

Waiting to be written.

It's amazing how

Something in

Black and white

Can seem so colorful.


Any simple thing

Can be the beginning

Of an incredible story.

How anything is possible

In the world

Of writers.

A Few Quotes from Authors

"With great power... comes great need to take a nap. Wake me up later."
— Rick Riordan (The Last Olympian)

"Write the kind of story you would like to read. People will give you all sorts of advice about writing, but if you are not writing something you like, no one else will like it either."

— Meg Cabot

"You know, it's a funny thing about writers. Most people don't stop to think of books being written by people much like themselves. They think that writers are all dead long ago--they don't expect to meet them in the street or out shopping. They know their stories but not their names, and certainly not their faces. And most writers like it that way."
— Cornelia Funke (Inkheart)

Yay! Here are my accounts... :D

My Fanfiction account- I don't write fanfiction anymore, but I still have some stories :)

My joint account with SpikyRoad- Yay! We posted a story! Pretty please, read it? :D

My greatest inspiration? All my reviewers! They keep me inspired to write :D Thanks to all of you out there who have taken the time to review, favorite, or follow my stories!

-Thanks for reading my profile!-

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