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Hello all! (: I'm a seventeen-year-old high-school student from Alberta, Canada!

When I was in the sixth grade, I started writing my first pieces. They were fan fictions of animes I enjoyed at that time of my life. Through the years, I've developed the taste for apocalyptic and horror themed stories. I tend to aim for an easy writing style that is straight forward and not difficult to read, so I can attract readers of all types.

I have a few ideas for stories. Lately, I've been working on a vampire project that is untitled at the moment. I'm integrating a post-apocalyptic theme/feel with the vampire genre. Anyone from Canada? It's set in the tourist-mountain town of Banff, Alberta. As far as vampires go, I've only read four books in the Darren Shan series, and the only vampire movies I have watched are 30 Days of Night, 30 Days of Night: Dark Days, and Dracula. I'm going on what I feel a vampire should be, what I've heard in regards to vampires, as well as a few clich├ęs passed down from popular culture. I will tell you that I don't do werewolves or anything prissy like Twilight. I don't like to write romance. (: