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Name: Well, as far as you know, I'm called Siri.
Age: Late teens. It's pretty obvious sometimes, I know.
Date of Birth: January. VERY EARLY January.
Eye color: It varies. Sometimes blue, sometimes grey or green, and very rarely it's said that my eyes turn yellow - like a cats - but that only happens when I'm annoyed.
Hair color: I'm a blond, and I hate the steriotype I'm put in because I am far from a slutty ditz (pardon my language).
Height: *twitch*
Interests: Oceanography. As in finding all the critters that live under the surface of the sea. I'm in love with the water and the life it holds. I also love stargazing.
Hate: Politics. They irritate me beyond belief. Prejudice, racism, therapists, stupid people... actually, just stupid people. All the things I hate are just side-effects.

So far I have yet to meet anyone on this site.

Nope, sorry.

Enjoy your stay!

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