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I'm Jolly Writer 2.0. You can call me Jolly or Jay (you can guess my real name starts with a 'J', can't you?). I had to write short horror stories for one of my classes, which lend to getting some work done on my own personal works. So I made the decision to write short stories when I get writer's block and to post them here.


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Gender: Female

Age: 22

Last Fanfic I Read: Rogue by RedCoaster (Amazing Attack on Titan fic)

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Current Song Obsession: "How Far I'll Go" from Moana


"Death and Decay: Seven Deadly Sins": Part 1 of the "Death and Decay" trilogy. In a world where supernatural beings run the afterlife and secretly guide the living, one sticks out amongst the rest. And to think she's the daughter of the unofficial Queen of the Underworld. Decay, a.k.a. Deecee, is the daughter of Lady Death and totally done with the Underworld and all its temperamental inhabitants. Fate's a bitch, War and Peace are jackassess, and her father, Time, is a right bastard. Nevermind that he's also never around. So it's no surprise when she decides to visit the living world almost everyday to avoid them and her duties. Making a human friend never crossed her mind but it was a real bonus. The fact that he doesn't freak out over her zombie-like appearance is a Godsend, even if he didn't exist [don't tell the religious]. She could have gotten away with her quick trips, fooling even her mother, if someone didn't decide to kidnap the Seven Deadly Sins, otherwise known as the only afterlife beings she could ever get along with. The humans are losing control of themselves without the Sins around to do it for them, and the living world is in chaos. Now, along with her human friend Oz, she's going to have to save her somewhat-friends and save the world. And her mother, Death, isn't pleased in the slightest. At least she's getting some cool clothes out of all it. Under Thought Process...

"Death and Decay: Depths of Hell": Thinking...

"Death and Decay: Heaven and Earth": Thinking...

"Lily Cottage": A haunted cottage with a bloody past is cause for multiple cases of missing campers, yet people still feel compelled to enjoy the great outdoors within the general area of the missing persons reports. We follow the story of one of those groups of campers as they come to realize that the little cottage they have conveniently run into during a terrible storm, is more of a danger to them than the very storm they tired to escape. Don't get nosy, because Lily doesn't like nosy guests. When they succeed in pissing the ghost of the cottage off, they find out that they must stay awake, for falling asleep can mean death. And don't ever let Lily find you wandering on your own because all that will be left of you is your insides splattered across the room. One by one, nine of the ten campers are killed by the vengeful spirit while one survives along enough to figure out an escape route. But Lily leaves no survivors. Just as a new group of campers comes across the cottage during yet another strange storm, a calla lily grows in the dry soil of the garden out front, and screams are heard off in the distance. Ten for ten, and Lily smiles. Multi-chapter. Under Thought Process...

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