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I welcome you, who is curious of the mind behind my work and assure you that your effort shall not go unrewarded. Yes, I am a new author and a new face on the portals especially, but it is for those reasons that I do what I do. Please leave a review on my stories whenever you like. It inspires me to keep putting forth new content as well as improve the old stuff. Let me know about anything you wish to ask me through PM's and I will be sure to respond quickly. And once again, thank you for being here with me and my stories. Remember, always let your imagination run free!

A few of my interests, aside from being poetic and long-winded: I am a huge fantasy fan, a strong supporter for romance, and a 'funny guy' as most would describe me. I am extremely lazy, but only on a select few things (unfortunately, one of those is school work) and I have an optimistic attitude mostly. I will usually just write down whatever comes to mind, which tends to result in various ideas to build off of. Romance is my main goal, so it will be present in most of the stories I plan. I also draw huge inspiration from the anime I watch and the manga I read in my spare time; by the way, Daily Life With Monster Girls is either my #1 or #2 favorite manga. My favorite anime are hard to organize, but I enjoyed Elfen Lied, IS: Infinite Stratos 1 and 2, Lovely Complex, H2O: Footprints in the Sand, Hakuouki 1 and 2, the list goes on and on. Enough dabble though, moving on to updates!

Updates for this moment!

Update (2/9/15): I have just finished reading the Kimi no Iru Machi manga, and I am now stuck with only two words coming out of my mouth: the feels. That series is easily one of my all-time favorites now and I would definitely recommend it to any who likes an emotional rollercoaster of a romance! *Ahem* Moving to my update, The House of Animus will be reaching its halfway point in the story, but that doesn't mean the series will be ending anytime soon. I've got a lot planned for it, so I doubt there'll be any problems there. As for Twin Hearts, I'm seriously needing to get in gear and stay at least 2-3 chapters ahead of my deadlines. The story is coming along nicely, but it seems too slow, so some time skips will be in order. Once again, thank you to those of you who still believe in me despite my somewhat unknown status!

Update (2/22/15): Things are sooooo slow this month, both in readers and in new chapters. College work has been pretty light, but life in general is what's dampening my mood. I recently finished MGQ (and yes, I am proud to have played it and admit it), so that gave me a small boost of inspiration for a time, but nothing that could make me churn out multiple chapters at a time. Sorry everyone, I am slow and losing my edge. (I must be getting old...) Nah, this is a slow month for all of us and it's no different for me. Twin Hearts will have a new chapter out within the next day or two. The House of Animus will have the next chapter out in the next 3-4 days, maybe sooner if I can get Twin Hearts out of the way. On a lighter note, I am currently working on yet another new project in my spare time which will be posted on my FanFiction account. Those of you that are interested will need to wait a bit because I don't quite plan on releasing it until at least 5 chapters are done; one is finished already, so it won't be a long wait. Here's to my gathering momentum through this tough month!

Update (2/27/15): Excellence comes to those who make it; at least that's how I remember it. Progress is being made on Twin Hearts and The House of Animus, but currently most of my time is being spent on my FanFiction project, which has been released early as of yesterday. To those of you who are looking for some one-shots worth reading, just type my name in the search bar the next time you find yourself on the FanFiction site. That being said, I'll try to hurry up with the next chapters of my work here so I can start working on a one-shot I have planned to be released sometime in the next month or so.

Update (3/4/15): Things have been going good for my FanFiction work, but unfortunately that's put quite the drain on my work here. Also, college has not exactly beenkind to me either. As of now, I'm putting Twin Hearts on a 1-2 week hiatus due to the growing workload I have to deal with. Sorry, but something had to be done. The House of Animus will continue as planned, but even that's going to be a bit late after the next update. Much apologies to all of my readers, as much as I'd like to make a career out of my writing, it can only remain a hobby.

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