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Hi! I'm Ice'is Blue!

I'm female, in my 4th year of college, and as of February 2002... I seem to have acquired an enthusiastic beta-reader *waves at Rae* so hopefully something will move from "In-Progress" to "Completed" soon.

My Favorite Anime (in Alphabetical Order): Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon, Card Captor Sakura, Digimon, Fruits Basket, Fushigi Yuugi, Gravitation, Inuyasha, Magic Knight Rayearth, Megami Kouhosei, Vision of Escaflowne, Yu Yu Hakusho.

I won't post often because I write other things besides fanfiction. In the meantime, I'll be reading and reviewing others' fanfics often... perhaps to my own detriment. (Update... erm... with the changes that have been made to FFN, I've been spending less time reading/reviewing on this site.)

Attention: All fanfics here contain shounen ai!

In Progress: (aka "Unfinished Digimon, Fruits Basket, and YYH fics")

"Digimon: 222 -- Dark Masquerade" ~ An AU epic
Summary: Due to his inappropriate behavior, Lord Yamato is sold as a slave to the wealthy (and supposedly cruel) Lord Yagami. Can the cold Yamato and the guarded Taichi learn to trust each other in time to save the world? AU.
Status: Boiling! (Where my attention’s at, as of January 2003)

"Free Will" ~ A psychological drama
Summary: Ken is afraid of being controlled and in order to prove to himself that his choices and his life aren’t pre-determined, he ends up hurting those that he cares about and eventually himself.
Status: Back Burner.

"Go-Between Grief" ~ An angst/romance Kenato with some Yamachi, Daiken, and Takari thrown in for good measure.
Summary: Takeru, Hikari, and Daisuke notice that Ken likes Yamato. Unpleasant things happen when they try to help. Will Ken get Yamato? Will Yamato get Taichi? Will Daisuke get Ken? Or will everyone just end up getting hurt?
Status: Simmering.

"A Hero's Shade of Indigo" ~ Content undecided... Something to do with Ken, though.
Summary: Is a bad person who does something noble and heroic a hero? Is a hero who does something bad no longer to be admired?
Status: Back Burner.

"King Thrushbeard (Light)" ~ A retelling of the fairytale "King Thrushbeard" with Yamato starring as the haughty prince and Taichi playing the role of King Thrushbeard.
Summary: Due to his constant insulting of his father's guests, Prince Yamato is given to a beggar man as a servant for the period of one month. But is the beggar what he seems to be and how will Yamato survive after being forced to do work? Romantic fairytale setting.
Status: Simmering. If I get frustrated with D222, I may work on this.

"Memories of You" ~ KuramaXHiei (YYH) songfic
Status: Back Burner.

"Rainbow" ~ Despite the title, this eight-chapter story is not cutesy fluff. Deals with realistic relationships in the Digimon Fandom.
Summary: Have you ever really noticed the colors in you life?
Status: Back Burner.

"Roll Call" ~ A humor fic that lets me introduce characters, my persona, muses, and topics. Surprisingly, it actually does have a plot.
Summary: Some whacko-girl calling herself Ice'is Blue kidnaps the Digidestined (and later the YYH crew), but little does she know that the smallest one will be her undoing.
Status: To be posted concurrently with "TOtQO" ^_^

"Teasing Out the Quiet One" ~ A romance/action/drama involving both 02 and 01 characters which is shaping up to be very long, very complicated, and all-together a lot of fun to write (when I'm not beating my head on the keyboard). Kensuke/Daiken & Taito/Yamachi.
Setting: Mid-season 02 AU
Summary: Ken likes Daisuke a lot, but is hesitant to accept his offer of friendship because it's just that: an offer of friendship. Meanwhile, Yamato and Taichi have been secretly together for some time, but what will happen when they find themselves disagreeing? And add on top of these a new enemy who is willing to hurt people for what she thinks she deserves. Prepare for sweet, sad, heated, dreadful, and thrilling moments, because this fic goes everywhere in the Digimon Fandom and even a few places outside it!
Status: Simmering. I'm trying my best, really I am... ^_^;;

"Time After Time" ~ another KuramaXHiei (YYH) songfic
Status: Back Burner.

"Want - Should - Can" ~ a post-01 Taito
Summary: I'm actually kinda proud of this idea. (I'd be prouder if it were done ^_^;;) The title comes from something that I've figured out for myself on this journey called 'life.'
Status: Back Burner. There's no real good reason that this fic isn't done yet... aside from the fact that I'm lazy and haven't written it.

"Wrapping Up Fruits Basket" ~ A Tooru/Kyou, Yuki/Hatsuharu fic that has mostly-equal parts of Romance, Comedy, Angst, General, and just a dash of Horror. I'm really working hard to make people in-character and to make the fic one possible ending to the Jyuunishi tale.
Summary: Anime-based fic that picks up from the middle of the last episode. (Fic contains spoilers for entire series of the FB anime (26 eps).)
Status: Simmering. Attention will probably shift here after D222 is done.

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Ice'is Blue:

I'm not a fanfic writer... I just have unimaginative imaginary friends!

My plot-bunnies have been breeding and soon I'll have enough for rabbit stew!!!

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