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Well, I'm back. I have been away for a while getting my life settled and although it is nowhere near where I thought it would be, I have decided that I want to get back to doing something that I love. Writing. I'm going to continue where I stopped, by adding more chapters to Wild and Forbidden Love. I'm hoping that I can get the story finished before Christmas time, but I'm not making any promises.

Here are the summaries for the other stories that I have in mind to write. Two are prequels of Love Running Wild, while the other one is kind of like a sequel. I will end up writing the other stories later on after I finish the ones I am currently writing. Thanks everyone who voted.

Crazy, Wild, Love

Angela was in a terrible car accident were she lost both of her parents and also suffered terrible dreams about wolves that the doctors said were minor brain damage. After spending most of her childhood in an orphanage where no one wanted her because of her brain damage, Angela has started to live her life and is taking steps to become a graphic designer. While on a field trip in the mountains, she runs into Kevin. He is the first person who seems to truly care about Angela, but what will happen with their relationship as things get crazy and wild.

One Wild Love

Tessa was helping her step-dad at a construction convention when she runs into sexy Luke Freemont. She never would have guessed that he was the one who plagued her dreams for years, especially since her dreams consisted of wolves. What will happen when she discovers the truth and is kidnapped by a rival pack whose plan are bents on destroying Luke’s whole life?

Love Spell Gone Wild

Harmony is a witch who knows that she is destined to be the mate to a werewolf because of her dreams. Aiden, her werewolf mate, appears to not believe that they are destined for each other just because she is a witch. What will happen when they both are stuck having to face off against a common enemy all alone together. Will Aiden admit his feelings for Harmony, or will Harmony have to give him a little boost in the right direction?

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Blood Bound by Alannahcannotdraw reviews
JUNE 2021 - NEW UPDATED VERSION ON WATTPAD UNDER SAME TITLE AND USERNAME. Juliette and Heath have grown up knowing they'll be enemies forever. Both of their families on opposite sides of every war. They're both apart of cursed families - Blood Clanns -
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- COMPLETE - Jayden Miller and Wesley Blake were complete opposites. Jayden was popular, while Wesley was a loner. Jayden was outgoing while Wesley always kept to himself. Jayden was my best friend, while I knew nothing about Wesley. So what happens when I have to go out on a date with Wesley in order to pay off a debt Jayden owes him? I get stuck in the middle. (DISCLAIMER IN CH1)
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Dared to Love by Atramento reviews
On hiatus - They say you can meet your soulmate anywhere, but I never thought that I'd meet mine in a bar. I thought I'd be sober when he proposed...and that he wouldn't be a complete stranger. In fact he was everything I didn't plan and more. But he was gorgeous...
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Hunter Donovan. He's a friend of my brother, a year older than me, and an arrogant, disgusting, perverted jerk. He constantly has girls falling head over heels for him, but he rejects them all. He's the perfect bad boy. And who am I? The only girl to ever drive him crazy.
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Nicki is a sheep among wolves. Or to be correct she a human surrounded by paranormal predators. Tye being one of the biggest predators around. The last thing either of them wanted was to become Mates. ***Full Summery Found Inside*** HUMAN X SHIFTER RELATIONSHIP*** URBAN FANTASY
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According to my favorite thesaurus, there are forty-six words for embarrassment. I have four more to add: "Reed at a party." Want to know why?
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Wild and Forbidden Love reviews
Kyra had been having crazy dreams since she was young but if her family knew she would be experimented to find out more about mates. Skylar was a lone wolf who came to Colorado hoping to be accepted by the pack. He never thought he would run into his mate whose family wanted his kind dead. Read to find out how Skylar and Kyra's wild and forbidden love progress. Full summary inside.
Fiction: Romance - Rated: M - English - Romance/Supernatural - Chapters: 12 - Words: 43,868 - Reviews: 16 - Favs: 8 - Follows: 17 - Updated: 9/24/2015 - Published: 7/13/2013
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Alexis Foster has been having a nightmare of running away from wolves in the forest, ever since she was a little kid. Soon she was going to truly figure out what the dream meant and it may just cause her pain or bring her the love of her life.
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