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Author has written 15 stories for Romance, Thriller, and Action.

I updated my profile picture to highlight an e-book I published that's been helping people who are hurting. It's a romantic thriller yet it has a heart-wrenching central theme - surviving child abuse.

Please, if you can, avail of it from Amazon. I've priced it at 0.99, the cheapest possible price, in order that many could afford it. If you can't and you would like to read it, private message me and I'll find a way to get it to you.

Sadly, I don't feel free anymore to upload full stories on the public domain. I have had several stories stolen from me this way, hence, Mosaic and Scorched will not be serialised here.

The last novel I'm completing here on Fictionpress is Cameron of the Seas.

Regretably, from now on you can only reach me via Facebook (Angelin Sydney), Twitter (@Angelin_Sydney), Instagram (writingangel).

Not much has changed for me. I still believe in heroes. This is why soldiers are often the main protagonists in my stories, they are the kind of heroes I believe in. Heroes who are often faceless. They don't get recognition for the sacrifices they make. It's up to creative people like me to raise their profile.

Billionaires are passé. And how many brave and dashing billionaires are there anyway? For real?

I also want to highlight the cause that is dearest to my heart: Soldier On - Australia and The Warrior Returns. These not-for-profit organisations are involved in helping returned soldiers and young veterans who are suffering mental and physical issues. I'm donating fifty percent of all royalties from the Cameron Series to their cause. Would you please help me, help them?

I know what it's like to battle PTSD. I suffered it for years after the death of my son, Timothy. He was fifteen when he was taken from us - tragically and cruelly. He was here one minute and gone the next. Having been there myself, I can't leave anyone suffering with trauma alone by the wayside. We are soldiers in our own right, as we travel this road of life, let us pick each other up along the way.

I'm a believer in the kindness of people so by extension this is the theme of my stories.

As a writer, I like to keep my conversations realistic so funnily enough although I don't swear in real life, a few of my characters do. Ha, ha. Perhaps it's my subconscious release.

For me, writing is as essential as breathing. Seriously, the only reason I'd stop writing would be if I'm incapacitated or dead. Working for a living gets in the way of my writing which I find very sad. In the ideal world, all I'd be doing is entertaining you. That would be my utmost wish.

A little Q&A for you to get to know me

When you're not writing, how do you spend your time?

When I'm not writing, I'm working. And I'm daydreaming, and I'm reaching out to friends. I live a very simple life, but I like to think that it is rich in many ways.

What inspires you to get out of bed each day?

Apart from my children who I adore with all my heart and soul, story-telling inspires me to get out of bed every day. I love to regale people with plots that twists and turns, and I love to share characters who are alive and dynamic and who are lovable even if they're flawed. Who among us aren't?

How do you discover the ebooks you read?

By trawling the internet and reading reviews. I seek out new and old writers alike and I always, always review. I know how hard it is to come up with a story, to write it, edit it, proof-read and how much of a solitary experience it is. A review lets the writer know that I care and that he/she isn't alone. And when the book is good, I will recommend it.

Do you remember the first story you ever wrote?

Yes, the first one appeared on for a TV show called 'Flashpoint'. It was a one-shot, but it received such a positive response from readers that I became addicted to writing. It became a catalyst for me in terms of creating contemporary fiction.

What is your writing process?

Daydreaming is my writing process. It always starts with an idea about a story, and then the characters follow from there. I always know where to start and how it will end, it is the middle part that I try to work out as I progress. I try to write a chapter a day, time permitting.

I'm lucky as I'm one of those people who can think of five stories, and not get confused by the different plots and characters that are in my head. I have conversations with them, too. (LOL)

I've told friends that only writers can talk to imaginary persons and still be called 'sane'.

Do you remember the first story you ever read, and the impact it had on you?

I'm afraid I can't remember having passed my half century. That's a long time to be living and reading books.

How do you approach cover design?

With cover design, I have a trusted artist I work with, for those who maybe interested, her name is Caitlin Beresford. Cover designing is a collaboration, it is important that both the writer and the designer come to a consensus on what makes for a fitting cover.

So far, I've loved all my covers but I'm also open to changing them in the future to keep the stories fresh.

What do you read for pleasure?

I read a lot of mystery thrillers, spy novels and anything that makes me feel excited.

What is your e-reading device of choice?

I read with my smartphone, android and desktop, so pretty much whatever happens to be handy at the time.

What book marketing techniques have been most effective for you?

I'm a terrible marketer. Honestly, I need help in this department. It is such a shame because everybody says I'm a terrific writer. Well, the most unread terrific writer. Kidding aside, I hope this would change soon.

I hope that readers would try to make contact. Wouldn't it be nice if someone can brag one day and say, 'I became her friend before she's famous.' I better add a smiley here - don't want people to think I'm full of myself :). No, I quite humble actually.

Here at Fictionpress, I'm chronicling the stories of the Cameron siblings and a second series called Colour

Book One of the Cameron Saga is 'Return to Cameron Country.' It is about Australian SAS Special Forces soldier Bryce Mabo Cameron and his petite American wife, Belle. This was released in June, 2015. Although not a commercial hit (yet), it has been a critical success with 4.5-star reviews on Amazon and Goodreads.

Book Two: 'Cameron of the Skies', features Black Hawk Pilot Banjo Mabo Cameron and his beautiful love, Andrea Cosgrove. This has been released an an ebook. And it has rated even higher (5-star) among critics and early reviewers.

Book Three: 'Cameron of the Seas' is about a Clearance Navy Diver, Bernard Mako Cameron aka Duck aka Merlin. And the beautiful Bonita Rudd.

The Colour Series by Jack O. Daniel

One Night Stand starred Red Ngata-Rhodes and Isabel Fairbanks-Caine. Released on Valentine's Day 2016 as an ebook. Available on Amazon/Kindle

Last Pursuit - stars Blue and Mimi. Are you loving it?

Don't Stand Still - featuring Sully White. This one is going to be a full-on, roller-coaster ride. And, very romantic in a very different way.

Take care, my peeps


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