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Hello fellow Writers! I am ZSWAuthor2014, also known as LDSAuthor2013 on Fanfiction.net! Unlike most other writer's profiles, though, mine isn't for myself...this is going to be used to update information regarding my story. Here, there will be a list of the characters so far mentioned in the story, as well as what we know about them so far in the story. There will also be explanations as to certain aspects of the story that are harder to understand than others, how the progress on the next chapter is coming, and also a list of the songs used in the story, because, trust me, there're gonna be a lot...though most of them are originals. Anyways...enjoy!


To be honest, I'm not exactly certain where this story is going currently. I mean, they just found out that they are the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, plus the second strongest Angel in Heaven, and are sent to Earth to fight Lucifer and his Fallen Angels, as well as all the Demons of Hell. And I know what generally is supposed to happen in each separate book of the series (there're gonna be seven volumes, people, one cranked out each year, over the course of seven years, starting 2016), and what the BIG moments in the series are going to hold. But as for where to go next...I don't know. So, if any of you have ideas as to what to do with Chapter 3, send me a PM, and give me some help. Because, honestly. I. NEED IT!!



Kinikkō Shiki: An eighteen year-old young man living in Kyōkataryō City with a love for music and a knack for getting himself into trouble. He's the lead singer in the band he formed with his four best friends, called the Brotherhood Archangel, and currently performs with them at a local bar called The Fiery Paradise. His best friend is a girl named Yuzuki, who he is in love with, though he's too stubborn to admit, as is she. When he's not performing at The Fiery Paradise, or hanging out with the guys, he's defending the world from Demons, with his best friends beside him. He wields the Golden Gauntlets of the Archangel, and can use his Halo Slash to exorcise any Demon and send it straight back into it's personal cell in Hell. Before he was born, he was Nathaniel, the Archangel of the Glorious Day, and was second in power only to Michael, the First Archangel.

Shirayumi Hiroto: Also an eighteen year-old young man, Hiroto is a cocky, arrogant youth who has a very charismatic approach, and a love for showing off. He sees himself as smarter and better than anyone else...though he is often put in place by his friends Takuma and Reigin. He is the lead guitarist in the Brotherhood Archangel, the one thing he is truly better than anyone else in the group at. He wields the White Gauntlets of the Archer, and can create any kind of bow he can imagine out of pure light, to rain arrows upon his enemies. Hiroto was known as Castiel, the Archangel of Conquests, before he was born.

Akaiken Katsuo: A fun-loving, casual, easily-excitable young man, Katsuo is the fiery third member of the gang, often seen as the rough, wild member, who has a hard time controlling his temper. He's a really nice guy once you get to know him...as long as there isn't a six pack of beer somewhere near him. If there is, then you might want to find yourself a bomb shelter. He plays the drums for the Brotherhood Archangel, and wields the Red Gauntlets of the Berzerker, allowing him to summon the power of any warrior throughout history, and create as many weapons of warfare as he could ever want or need. He was Balthazar, Archangel of Warfare, before he was born.

Kakugen Takuma: The second oldest and most mature out of all the members of the gang, Takuma sees everything from a level-headed, clear state of mind. He is quick to point out faults in others, not because he sees himself as flawless, but because he cannot stand watching others fail over and over again. Some see this as annoying, but to his friends, he is seen as just being very caring, in his own way. He is the keyboardist for the Brotherhood Archangel, and wields the Black Gauntlets of the Sorcerer, allowing him to summon any kind of scourge, plague, or pestilence that has come upon the land, and use it on his enemies. He was known as Alastair, Archangel of Pestilences, before he was born.

Awaikama Reigin: The oldest of the gang, Reigin is an unapproachable albino with a love of isolation and insular living. He is very careless, and has no interest in showing anyone any kind of respect, unless they first earn it from him. The only person he truly appreciates is his friend Shiki, who he sees as being a good enough person to interact with more often than others. Reigin plays the acoustic guitar for the Brotherhood Archangel, and wields the Pale Gauntlets of the Reaper, which allow him to summon the dead, and command them as a puppeteer would his marionette. He was known as Sephiroth, the Archangel of Death, before he was born on Earth.


Tsukikage Hayate: The forty-seven year-old owner of the famous bar The Fiery Paradise, Hayate is the employer of Shiki and his friends, as well as mentor and surrogate father for the group. Shiki himself sees Hayate as his father, actually, seeing as Hayate practically raised the boy after his father died in a car accident seventeen years ago. He is also Zacharias, the Gatekeeper of Fire, one of three Devil Gatekeepers in charge of keeping the gates to Hell sealed, and Lucifer in his cage.

Satomi Shizuka: The twenty-five year-old homeroom teacher of the Brotherhood Archangel, Shizuka is a woman whose critical views of her students have earned her the nickname 'Ice Queen of Kyōkataryō High'. She is often getting in fights with Reigin because of his lack of respect he shows her. Her other life is as the Gatekeeper of Ice, one of three Devil Gatekeepers of Hell. Her true, Devil-name has yet to be revealed.

Tsukikage Naomi: Bubbly and friendly, Naomi is the only daughter of the friendly bartender Hayate, and has grown up with the gang. She's a few years older than them, and works at The Fiery Paradise mostly because her father wants her to take over the business for him once he's gone. She's also really Christiana, the Gatekeeper of Thunder, one of the three Devil Gatekeepers of Hell, and takes her responsibility as a Gatekeeper very seriously, while her father has a more...relaxed approach.


Michael: The strongest Angel in Heaven, Michael was the first of the Angels to receive a mortal body. He is also the High Archangel, the leader of the Archangels, and the teacher to Nathaniel, or Shiki. He's a very relaxed and good-humored man, but can quickly turn serious, when most necessary.

Gabriel: The powerful Angel chosen to give Shiki and his friends their powers, Gabriel is the Messenger Angel, and the sixth strongest Angel in Heaven, the five before him being the five Archangels, with Michael at the head. Wise and powerful, Gabriel actually is very calm and casual whenever he's not out getting messages out for God, stopping by Hayate's bar for drinks and laughs whenever he can get them.

Metatron: Known as the 'Keeper of the Records', Metatron is the Angel in charge of recording all the proceedings in Heaven and Earth. He is also a visionary man, able to see the future, and is a bit nuts, according to some Angels and Devils. He was also the Angel who saw the Apocalypse, and warned God of it.


Lucifer: Lucifer is the King of the Fallen Angels. Once one of the strongest of the Angels in heaven, and one of the most loyal sons of God, Lucifer rebelled against his brothers when he believed his plan for happiness was more perfect than his elder brother's and his father's. He and his most loyal followers, one-third of the hosts of heaven, left heaven in the hopes of finding another way to reach their own Heavenly Glory.

Cane: One of Lucifer's most loyal followers, Cane was once an Angel, and even was once born on earth. However, Lucifer managed to pull him over to his side, even going so far as to kill his own brother in cold blood. Cane is a cursed figure and Lucifer's right-hand man, the Anti-Christ.


Azaezal: The King of the Devils, Azaezal has reigned over Hell for six-thousand years, ever since the first of the Fallen Angels and Demons came into existence. He is powerful, wise man, who serves on God's personal council, and keeps a close, personal eye on the seals of the most terrible Demons and Fallen Angels out there.


Sakushi Yuzuki: Spunky, hot-headed, and quick to attack, Yuzuki is a close friend to Shiki and the gang. Admittedly, she is in love with him, but the both of them are so stubborn, they won't admit it to anyone. She often lashes out at him with a mixture of martial arts whenever he is late to class, and often passes time with him by simply arguing, teasing each other, or actually spending some nice, quality time with each other.

Tōkikaen Yukibana: A new nurse at Kyōkataryō High, Yukibana is a sharp pink-haired girl who seems to have mild interest in Shiki and the gang. However far this will go, or however far Yuzuki will let this go, is still up in the air. She's smart, fast, and extremely gentle, so much so that it ticks some people off quite a lot.


So, one of you guys asked in a review if Wrath was the Devil, or if he was just a follower of the Devil. Actually, that is so off, that it's almost funny. You see, the term 'Devil' in my story does not refer to the Devil, as in Lucifer. Instead, it refers to the Guardians and Masters of Hell, the Devils, who actually serve God by keeping Demons in the pit, and punishing Fallen Angels that try to cause too much chaos. The leader of the Devils, Azaezal, even is so good that he actually serves in God's personal council. So, if anyone is referred to as Devil in this story, it means that kind of person.

Lucifer, the Devil, is not a Devil, but a Fallen Angel, or an Angel that has lost his glory. He is a very powerful Fallen Angel, having the power to create Demons and corrupt other Angels into becoming fellow Fallen Angels, but beyond that, he has little to no true power. He gains power by commanding Demons, as do his followers. His most faithful follower is the Anti-Christ, Cane, who became a Fallen Angel shortly after the man killed his brother, Abel, in cold blood. Other Fallen Angels will be revealed in the story.

Wrath, as well as the other six sins (Pride, Greed, Lust, Gluttony, Envy, and Sloth), is a Demon, or a physical embodiment of evil. Demons can be summoned by Fallen Angels to cause chaos for them, and to directly affect humans, and make them do evil deeds. These Demons are called the Swarm, and are frequent enemies in the story. The Seven Sins, however, have their own minds and wills, and as such can do whatever they choose to do. They can control their own Demons, each named after something attributed to their master.


My Kind of Night

Friday night, the end of the week,
Time to hit the bars for something bittersweet
To dull the memories of the last few days.
Kickin' back and rolling off stress
But tonight no beer can give me no rest,
There's only one thing that can give me what I need.

Driving out to some restful woods,
Starting a fire to set the mood,
Holding you so close 'neath the white starlight,
Kissing you 'til the break of dawn,
Then moving on with the rising sun,
Giving you my love, That's my kind of night.

I know others might be surprised,
But drinking 'way pain ain't no life
Or a way to kill the wicked stress from work.
Loving you is so more sweet,
Gets me up with springs in my feet,
And when the weekend comes, I want all I can get.

By Driving out to some restful woods,
Starting a fire to set the mood,
Holding you so close 'neath the white starlight,
Kissing you 'til the break of dawn,
Then moving on with the rising sun,
Giving you my love, That's my kind of night.

So let's drive on out to some restful woods,
Start a fire to set the mood,
Hold each other close 'neath the white starlight,
Kiss each other 'til the break of dawn,
Then move on out with the rising sun,
'Cause giving you my love is my kind of night.
Yeah, giving you my love,
Oh, giving you my love,
Giving you my love,
That's My Kind of Night.

Chasing Neon Dreams

I walk down a long, straight road,
One that few ever seem to go,
With these crazy thoughts bouncing 'round my head.
I look around for some kind of sign
Of where to go, though it's rarely right,
Sometimes I think I should've followed what they said.
But all these thoughts never bother me, (no)
'Cause I'll never give up Chasing Neon Dreams.

Chasing Neon Dreams, like catching shooting stars,
You'll always keep on wishing, though it seems way too far.
Keep your eyes on the prize and push until the end of time;
Never give up on what you believe.
Love your life, and Chase Neon Dreams.

Sometimes I find myself surprised
Of just how far I've walked down this line,
And how much I've progressed along the way.
I may never reach the end,
But I'm stronger now than when I began,
And this dream I have gets closer every day.
I will always aim for what means to me, (yeah)
I'll always be Chasing Neon Dreams.

Chasing Neon Dreams, like catching shooting stars,
You'll always keep on wishing, though it seems way too far.
Keep your eyes on the prize and push until the end of time;
Never give up on what you believe.
Love your life, and Chase Neon Dreams.

So no matter what life throws your way, (hey)
Push on through and look to the next day,
'Cause life is easier than what it seems,
When you walk the road of Chasing Neon Dreams.

Chasing Neon Dreams, like catching shooting stars,
You'll always keep on wishing, though it seems way too far.
Keep your eyes on the prize and push until the end of time;
Never give up on what you believe.
Love your life, and Chase Neon Dreams. (Yeah!)

Chasing Neon Dreams, like catching shooting stars,
You'll always keep on wishing, though it seems way too far.
Keep your eyes on the prize and push until the end of time;
Never give up on what you believe.
Love your life, and Chase Neon Dreams.

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