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Hello. My name is Liz, and I am a School Counselor, RN, Mom, medievalist and writer. My main writing influences are Anne McCaffrey, Andre Norton, Robert Heinlein, and Jane Austen.

Several years ago, in 2006 or thereabouts, I began writing fanfiction.com. Over the years I continued to receive positive reviews, requests for more, et cetera, but the truth is that I had lost interest in other people's characters.

In October of 2010, while in grad school, I randomly matched up two characters in two unrelated stories previously started and abandoned, and they clicked. Eventually they needed a Bad Guy, and associates, and a long range arc... I also needed a way to process what I was learning in my coursework. Soon every new concept, each new point of view, each skill acquired began to find its way into the interactions. My Bad Guy began to cry out for redemption. In seeking it for him, we fell together into a much deeper, bolder and broader world. This is the world of United.

March 7 2014 - Note to the guest reviewer named 'Bullmoose': I beg your pardon for not replying as requested, but there is no reply mechanism built into FictionPress for a guest reviewer. You would actually have to register for an account in order for me to reach you. That being said, I will assume you meant your remarks about feeling cheated at the end of United in a positive sense (i.e., that you want to read more), and reiterate that the second book is not yet complete. When Divided is ready, I will post it.

Blog: http://graftingthetree.blogspot.com/ This blog is a remnant from working on my MEd for the past few years - one of my classes required it as an assignment, and I've added to it sporadically. It's a very different style of writing, obviously...

Works List:

- Life Work was written as a stand-alone short (although at 10k words it borders on the novella) as a back story for my Bad Guy & my world. It provides a necessary context for the rest of the book and really should be read first.

This story begins in April of 1014 in Norse-controlled Ireland at the Battle of Clontarf with the widowing of a young Danish woman. It follows the life of her son through a harsh and damaged life until his last battle. His story parallels that of two young scientists on a world thousands of light years away who work to overcome the stigma associated with childlessness in their society. They apply for and are granted a life work - the opportunity to assess, observe, and eventually to partner with another sentient species. This is the process by which two worlds approach and intersect.

Life Work Copyright E. K. Zoole 2013 http://www.fictionpress.com/s/3134152/1/Life-Work-A-Prologue-to-United

- United is the first novel in a series of three in progress (United, Divided, and Restored) telling the story of Lydia Diamond, a young woman just trying to get her act together personally and professionally who discovers one day that she isn't who she thinks she is - a classic premise, but with significant twists on the usual archetypes of young warrior, wise old man, and damsel in distress. Her story overlays another: that of Holm Aedsson, the main character in Life Work, who, at nearly 1500 years of age, finds himself burnt out, discontented, heartbroken, and in need of a good, long, walkabout - an outing that goes horribly, horribly wrong.

This is epic-style science fiction with adventure, romance, political intrigue, family dynamics and issues of identity, change, and personal growth. It's long (word count equates roughly to an 800 page novel), it's full of different characters in different times and places, and when/if ever published will be accompanied by timelines, family trees, and spreadsheets for reference. Many, many, many thanks to two magnificent women, Maureen Quigley and Susan Carna Mattingly, for many hours of brainstorming, reading, and editing.

United Copyright E. K. Zoole 2013 http://www.fictionpress.com/s/3133385/1/United

- The short story Wish is not part of the United series. It was written for the August Writing contest in the forum Labyrinth and is completely and unabashedly autobiographical with the exception of names and the presence of aliens. To the best of my knowledge, neither our foster-cat, nor my son (I think), have ever been possessed. My daughter - well, I'm not really sure...

Wish Copyright E. K. Zoole 2013 http://www.fictionpress.com/s/3152198/1/Wish

- USCW II is the first completed in the collection 'Memoirs of the Gleaned', first-person accounts of historic events from the POV of my characters in their behind-the-scenes positions. This is an account of the US Second Civil War (referenced by Dr. Diamond in one of her classroom lectures in United) as told by Ricardo Bayani. My thanks to my dear friend Dr. Maureen Quigley for brainstorming with me on what the next civil war would be fought over, and for the use of her cats and many, many cups of tea.

USCW II Copyright E. K. Zoole 2013 http://www.fictionpress.com/s/3154554/1/US-CW-II

- Professional, a short story written for the September Writing Contest on the forum Labyrinth, is also part of the 'Memoirs', describing the solar flare evacuation of PAU-PaC from the point of view of Holm's daughter, Chava, then a student at PAU-ELA working on her degree in First Response.

Professional Copyright E. K. Zoole 2013 http://www.fictionpress.com/s/3155645/1/Professional

- 60 Word Challenge is a collection of micro stories written for the on-going 60 word writing challenge on the forum Labyrinth. Each participant takes the 3 random words given by the previous writer, incorporates them into a micro, then leaves three more random words for the next writer. I have only posted a few of these to the forum thread (please go there and read everyone's postings, they're fun!), but I have written for each prompt so far as an exercise. I'll update as each new challenge is given. BTW, if you see one you'd like to swipe for a story, just PM me for permission. Thanks! Check out the other entries - https://www.fictionpress.com/topic/6871/3759916/1/Writing-Challenge-Story on the forum Labyrinth.

60 Word Challenge Copyright E. K. Zoole 2013 http://www.fictionpress.com/s/3158551/1/60-Word-Challenge

- A Careless Kiss of Frost is my October entry in the Labyrinth writing prompt contest. This month's challenge was to write to the same terminal line, using the genres of horror, mythology, or humor. This is the tale of Persephone and Hades, inspired by my friend Leah Kaufman Clarenburg's song on her album 'Five Fingers', which I was listening to this afternoon on my way home from my national certification exams. As a note of interest, started this story cold at 1:45 this afternoon, finished around 11 pm.

A Careless Kiss of Frost Copyright E. K. Zoole 2013 http://www.fictionpress.com/s/3160236/1/A-Careless-Kiss-of-Frost

- A Servant's Tale; or The Curious Courtship of Rom-Paul the Still-Skin is my December entry, the prompt being to write the backstory of a fairy tale villain. This is a first chapter I plan to expand upon, and is a re-imagining of 'Rumplestiltskin' in early 18th century Switzerland.

A Servant's Tale; or The Curious Courtship of Rom-Paul the Still-Skin Copyright E.K. Zoole 2013 https://www.fictionpress.com/s/3170827/1/A-Servant-s-Tale-or-The-Curious-Courtship-of-Rom-Paul-the-Still-Skin

- Food For Thought isn't a story at all. After a number of instances of bringing food into the discussion on Labyrinth (the forum I write with), I opted to bend the rules of submission to the site and set up a place to put recipes for writers. When munchies strike and writer's block has got you down, nothing's better than a little Food for Thought.

- Food For Thought Copyright E. K. Zoole 2013 https://www.fictionpress.com/s/3171514/1/Food-For-Thought

- The Invocation is my January entry in Labyrinth's writing contest, another Persephone and Hermes story set several thousand years later than A Careless Kiss of Frost. This month's challenge:Start your story with this line: Silvery flakes drifted down, glittering in the bright light of the harvest moon. The blackbird swooped down… (I took some slight liberty with the last word to avoid using 'down' twice in two adjoining sentences, because I'm just a little udgy that way. Don't mind me...)

- The Invocation Copyright E. K. Zoole 2014 https://www.fictionpress.com/s/3177653/1/

- Still Life is a file of random writings where I'll post odds and ends from my own life and family, including stuff my kids do or say or write and the occasional old Facebook posting. Just stuff, and really only of interest if you know me.

Still Life Copyright 2014 E. K. Zoole https://www.fictionpress.com/s/3178692/1/Still-Life

- Death March is set shortly after A Careless Kiss of Frost and is the February Labyrinth entry. It was a last-minute job done as a speed-writing challenge with Augie.Toaste and, as before, proves that if I don't let my brain get in the way I often do better work!

Death March Copyright E. K. Zoole 2014 https://www.fictionpress.com/s/3183624/1/Death-March

- The Terms Of Our Surrender is a condensation of the first two chapters of a previously unnamed, unfinished work. Set in the world of United, it was meant to be a parallel story to the main arc in another as-yet unfinished book with the working title of Indentured, about the aftermath of war. It takes place some two hundred years after United, and was the result of my what-iffing for ways in which everything could go to hell.

One of the easily taken for granted facts of United is that the entire communication and transportation of the Human colonies is dependent on the good will and cooperation of their benefactors, the Homepeople. So, what happens when the Homepeople experience their own political turmoil? What happens when, for reasons the Human worlds cannot understand, the free ride is suspended? We have seen, even today, how easily civilized life breaks down when our systems fail (New Orleans, Sarajevo, Syria). When nations must once again compete for resources, war is inevitable. And, when wars end, someone loses.

The March writing contest prompt for the forum Labyrinth, to write the story of a broken warrior, at first sent me directly to one of United's main characters, Holm. But really (really), that particular 'broken warrior' has been and will be explored more than enough before the series is complete. The story of Colonel Zipporah Galt had been on my mind lately for a variety of reasons, and I was glad to find a good reason to go back to her.

The Terms Of Our Surrender Copyright E. K. Zoole 2014 https://www.fictionpress.com/s/3188280/1/The-Terms-Of-Our-Surrender

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