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EEP! Well long time, no see. *nervous grin* Still here, but no updates. You're probably wondering what's been going on...well not much writing, that's for sure! I can use all the typical excuses of school, work, and family...as well as a couple of nervous breakdowns..LOL, but that wouldn't exactly cut it. I just haven't been in the mood to write anything for a while. To tell the truth I've been going through a lot of inner turmoil lately and I'm starting to develop one of the biggest inferiority complexes I've ever seen. It could be depression, or the fact that I'll be turning 20 here soon and truly believe I have nothing to show for it besides a few good fics, a crappy art site, and a 4.0 GPA. In any case I've just been uninspired. However, don't count me out yet, I'm still determined to finish the fics on my hard drive. Anywho, thanks a bunch to all the peeps who've kept reviewing and have been emailing me to get off my lazy butt and write. I really appreciate it more than words can say and hope I will not disappoint anyone.
BTW If anyone could PLEASE tell me what ever happened to KoNy aka ColourBlind, aka KoNy the Half-Wit, aka ColourBlind KoNy...she had several alias' could you please give me a shout or something. I checked her profile a week or two ago and noticed all her fics are gone. *sighs* I would really appreciate any info. I loved her stories and she was an awesome writer. Thanks!
Okay, on to my stats...
Fanfic I read: Anything to do with Matt/Tk brotherly love. ^_^ Those two are just so adorable! Of course I also read about the other characters too, but mostly 01 or 02. You'll rarely see me stray into the 03 and beyond section of the Digimon realm. Also loooooove action/adventure fics, as well as drama and the occasional angst. While romance is yet another genre I tend to avoid, it is not uncommon to find me there once in a while. Oh yeah, and just recently I've gotten into the Yu-Gi-Oh fics, Jounouchi is my fav character by far, but all the characters in that series are equally great in their own way.
What I write: Action/adventure/drama. Mostly Matt/Tk brother fics. ^_^ But I try to expand my horizons, so every now and again you might find different fics in my profile, but don't look for them any time soon. LOL! Though I am anxious to start a Yu-Gi-Oh fic or two sometime, but that won't happen until I complete my Digimon fics.
Anime I Like:
Digimon, Sailor Moon (what can I say, it was the first), Gundam Wing, Rurouni Kenshin, DBZ, NightWalker, Yu-Gi-Oh, Akira, Cowboy Bebop, Here is Greenwood, Neon Genesis Evangelion, InuYasha, Tenchi Muyo, Bakuretsu Hunters, Tokyo Babylon...eh and I suppose the list could go on forever...these are just the ones I remember seeing. LOL!
Well, that be all for me!
As always, special thanx to all my reviewers! You guys rock and encourage me to write!