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My profile is basically a Wikipedia of knowledge for my own story, A Delinquent's Love. I love these characters, and this story idea has stayed with me for a long time! Feel free to read through it!

Starting Date in Story: April 7th, 2014 (Monday)
Current Date in Story:
April 7th, 2014 (Monday)

Ages, heights, and breast sizes may change amongst the characters as the story progresses. (Height and breast size will be updated after each year's physical examination is complete; ages updated after that character's birthday). Any changes will be noted.

ADL Main Characters

Kuroki Rin 黒木凛

One of the three main characters of A Delinquent's Love. Rin's your typical, lone wolf delinquent, having become one during his middle school years. He has a rather feminine body build; and, because of that, he was teased and bullied on a lot, which led to him fighting back and becoming rebellious. However, after being reunited with Akira, his demeanor is softening considerably. Underneath his delinquent exterior, he's really a pretty sweet guy.

Rin has shoulder-length, naturally yellow hair. Straight, and soft as a girl's. He usually keeps his red eyes narrowed into an intimidating expression so people won't notice how beautiful they really are. He stands at 167cm, and doesn't appear to be growing any more. His body is very feminine, and he tries to hide it under a jacket and his 'bad boy-ness'. His voice doesn't help; it's right in between of sounding like a girl's, and sounding like a boy's.

Rin's 15, and his birthday is December 9th. Type A blood.

Hayasaka Akira 早坂明

One of the three main characters of A Delinquent's Love. Akira's been the class representative since primary school, and she's still now in high school! She's one of the sweetest, kindest, and cutest girls you'll ever see! But she's absolutely terrified of delinquents and people that look intimidating. But, haunted houses? Ghosts? Dancing skeletons with afros!? Nope! She's not scared of any of that. Though she may lack a lot of confidence, she doesn't give up! She sticks by her beliefs and what's right, even if it's just upholding the order of the classroom!

Akira's hairstyle is a complicated piece of art. Her light-blue hair is bob-length, but on the right side at the front of her hair it almost touches her bare shoulder. However, on the left side, her front hair is bobbed, a little shorter, and is pulled back behind her ear with a silver hairpin. Her gentle, timid eyes match the same color as her hair. She currently stands at 164cm, but she's still growing (height-wise). Finally, her chest is cutting board flat. No exaggeration.

Akira's 16, and her birthday is April 14th (meaning she had to start school one year later than other students, making her the oldest girl in her class). Type A blood.

Hayasaka Kanata 早坂彼方

One of the three main characters of A Delinquent's Love. Kanata's Akira's big sister, and she loves her little sister more than anything else in the world! She's a confident, tough girl and a caring and reliable big sister; the best big sister ever! She doesn't like to talk about her early childhood, however; and there is one secret that she's keeping from Akira.

During middle school Kanata had to fight off a lot of delinquents that kept pestering and bothering Akira, so she's had some experience with fighting. Furthermore, she's been in the Boxing Club since middle school, so don't mess with her. Finally, she has a gun-ho attitude and can be a bit reckless at times, but she can also be very friendly.

Kanata's blue hair is very short, but just long enough to be pulled back into a ponytail that barely has any tail to it. She has confident and strong amber eyes, and she stands tall at 172cm. As for her chest, she has just under a modestly-sized bust. She has a slight complex about it.

Kanata's 16, with her birthday being May 12th. Type AB blood.


Kuroki Kozue 黒木梢

Kozue's Rin's big sister, but little sister of the eldest sister! She's fresh out of high school and is working at a maid café with dreams of owning her very own café. She loves to tease her little brother and, even more so, dress him up in girls' clothes, which he hates. In high school, even though she wasn't the Banchou (delinquent boss), she was the top delinquent in the entire school! But, after graduating, she did a complete turn around and is now the top maid at work. She's kind and generous, and she's also pretty much of a Tsundere.

Kozue has waist-length pure black hair and mesmerizing dark brown eyes. She stands at 170cm and has a flat chest. She's 18, and her birthday is January 1st. Type B blood.

Class 1-C Classmates

Matsumiya Kouta 御坂花音

One of the two leading delinquents of Class 1-C. Matsumiya's a sociable fellow who gets along well with his fellow delinquents (except for Kanon because she's always picking fights with him). He's basically just your typical delinquent, through and through; but, because of that, he's become a figurehead amongst them. However, outside of school, he's actually a well-behaved kid. He gets really irritated whenever someone calls him an idiot; and, despite being one of the lead delinquents, he's not exceptionally strong.

Matsumiya has short, spiked bleached hair and brown eyes; he stands at 168cm with an average body build. He's 15 and his birthday is January 11th. Type O blood.

Misaka Kanon 松宮幸田

One of the two leading delinquents of Class 1-C. Kanon's a strong leader and many delinquents look up to her, but she's not as good as Matsumiya is at connecting with other people. Everyone calls her the English word "Cannon" because of her name (Ka-no-n), and she is always correcting them, no matter what. She's a bit proud of herself, but tries not to let it get in the way of her dealings; and, for some reason, she has a very strong dislike of Matsumiya stemming from their childhood. Also, she prefers to only use a shinai when dealing with him, even though she doesn't have any experience in Kendo.

Kanon pulls her long, brown hair up into a ponytail that reaches down to the small of her back and she has vibrant brown eyes that always light up whenever she hears "Cannon". She stands taller than Matsumiya at 170cm and has an average A-cup and long legs. She's 15 with her birthday being June 2nd. Type B blood.

Tsuda Uta 翼歌

An athletic girl who's been in the Track and Field Club since primary school. Tsuda's really friendly and energetic, and she was the first girl who Akira made friends with on her first day of high school. She has a high endurance built from constant running, but even she can't match up to Akira's endurance. She's not a delinquent and isn't bothered by delinquents. She just treats them like any other student.

Tsuda has messy dark brown hair that goes down just below her ears, giving her a rugged look; but her deep, emerald eyes make that ruggedness very cute. She stands at 158cm, has tanned skin, and has a small A bust. She's 15 and her birthday is July 19th. Type O blood.


Shirai Arata-Sensei 白井新

*On Hold Until Next Update*

Other Information

If ADL was an anime, then here would be the opening song and the ending song! The songs make it seem more like a shoujo story, rather than delinquent comedy, though. But they fit Rin's and Akira's relationship.

Opening: Perfect Sky - by PASSPO (Japanese girl band)
Ending: Affection - (Yuyushiki ending song)

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