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In 2124, a Joint Colony Fleet between the United States and Japan encounters a malfunction with their Acceleration Drive, a malfunction that propels them across the galaxy, far away from home. Two years later, they exit Acceleration over a garden world, a world that they would name Terra. With no way to get, or contact, home, the fleet is left to its own devices. They colonize Terra and form a new government, a new nation - the TDF, or Terra Defense Force. A militaristic government whose two key principles is Morality and Preparation. This government sets the foundation for the UCSF - United Colonies Stellar Force.

The UCSF Universe - Sci Fi

UCSF First Contact - The UCSF, centuries after Terra was colonized, makes contact with an alien race. They come not for Human extermination or for territory, but for resources, one resource in particular.

UCSF Lieutenant Commander Cleo Maverick is caught up in the fight from the start, escaping as the new captain of a UCSF light destroyer after an ambush by an alien heavy cruiser. Retreating to Asgard IV, the crew find the planet under attack with the Asgard Defense Fleet taking heavy casualties.

On the ground, Serizawa Yuki, a young teenage recruit at one of the UCSF Military Academies, is caught up in the action as all UCSF Personal are called to arms. During a mission to save a school, Yuki, his best friend Cassandra Cole, a large man known simply as Cook, and a few students are separated from the rest of the Academy's forces. Together they must get to the EVAC transports or be killed by alien ground forces.

Fukui Dai, a retired admiral of the UCSF and now a guard for a freighter, joins up with the Asgard Home Fleet after the aliens withdraw to prepare for another assault. With the Home Fleet's own admiral dead, Dai takes command and must hold off hundreds of enemy starships while the planet is evacuated.

Status: On hold.

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