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Why hello there! Welcome to my page! If you want, you can visit my other page on fan fiction dot net! Here's a link!

Woo! Yeah! Fan written stuff! Go enjoy yourself over there!

I just recently started out here and am thinking about posting some stories I've been working on in the future but, for now, I'm content with just reading the awesome stories out there and reviewing!

So, since I haven't really posted any of my own stories, I'll share the qualities (whether it's characters, plot line, genre, etc.) of stories I like to read instead!

1)Funny!!!!!-- I love funny stuff! my favorite is just the everyday humor among friends, playful banter and such but, I even enjoy random funniness! not a fan of toilet humor though :p Although, I'll admit, some can pull it off

2)Super-powers-- I don't know why, but stories about peeps with powers has always appealed to me. *shrugs* I really liked the X-men movie i know that haha

3)Short works-- nice, well-written works or short stories are a favorite of mine. It usually includes a fast-paced plot and it keeps me hooked and has a less chance of losing my interest. Though, if the story is really good and I love the plot, I will read longer stories.

4)Dragons-- now, there are categories to this one. Some dragon stories i like and others i don't. I like to humanize things and i love magic so my favorite kind of dragon story is one where a character can turn into a dragon, vice versa, or the character owns a dragon (i.e. Eragon!) which leads to my next one...

5) Magic-- magic appeals to me greatly. I just have a hyper-active imagination and magic stories pique my interest. Especially ones that have to do with the world/nature around us (like elemental) or just nature-ish beings (elves, fairies, magic beasts [again, Eragon is my prime example for this one]) And magic in the modern world would also categorize in this :)

6)Classes/Groups-- by this I mean, groupings or separation of people based on status/powers or whatever... i don't know how to explain it well! I just like it. Some examples of this would be the Divergent series (the classes they were broken up into) and Wings and its sequels by Aprilynne Pike (the season fairies and their different qualities)

I should probably also include a list of what i would rather not read, eh? Just for poops and giggles!

1) Toilet Humor-- this includes stuff like... well stuff you'd usually do around a toilet i guess. I never fully understood the term myself. Personally, for me at least, toilet humor is anything gross that the classic little brother would find funny. For instance, my brother finds farting hilarious... me? not so much. (But, some people can pull toilet humor off without totally grossing me out and can actually give me a laugh!)

2) Intense... bedroom... things-- this stuff is dangerously close to you-know-what and I'd rather not read the... graphic details... of the sexual relations between two people :p

3)Werewolf/Vampire/Super-natural beings romance-- it's not that i don't like it per say, i just don't like the overdoneness of it. I guess you could say Twilight kind of ruined it for me with this genre. Believe me, I'm not pushing away the peas before eating them, I tried reading a few books that were like this... was not a fun time. I could just be reading the wrong books though, who knows?

4)Horror/Gory Stuff-- I don't like scary stuff, plain and simple :p and, like you probably already guessed, i don't like gross stuff either. Okay, even typing this is making my mind reel with movies I 'SAW' before... let's move on.

5)Wars-- first thing that came to your mind was soldiers, am I right? I don't know, you can't tell me if I'm right or not. But anywho, I know i mentioned Eragon and that was all about bringing down the empire in a blaze of epic battles and awesomeness, but I'm referring to the war-war stuff. Like... well, let me rephrase that actually. move on to the next one and I'll explain!

6)Politics/Government-- just like the real life thing, it bores me to no end. Seriously. Sure, if i like a story a lot (Eragon) then I want to know all i can about the story and will force myself to read through all the politic stuff and discussions like that, but it's usually a struggle.

Wow! would you look at that? 6 likes and 6 dislikes! Didn't even plan that awesome evenness going on up there. Sweet! aren't i just awesome? XD

Future Fics

[Name in Progress](Fantasy:Adventure)-- this story takes place in an ancient and mystical land where those who practice magic are mostly looked down upon, even those who use it for good. In this world there is a sorcerer who plans on (you guessed it) taking over the world as they know it. In order to do so he needs power or, more specifically, an army. So, using the dark magic her knows, he breeds three children with the blood of the most powerful, rarest, and magical creatures in the land; a dragon, a griffin, and a unicorn. He confines them and trains them in secret hideaways until,one fateful day when the three are rescued by a mysterious man. It's from him they learn the true extent of their powers that can only be taught by the use of pure light magic. So, they soon agree to help bring down this sorcerer before he plunges the world into a dark era of madness and chaos.

[Name in Progress](Fantasy:Adventure/Humor)-- Sequel to The Search for the Emerald Lacrosse Stick. Ann has everything she needs. A nice cottage, a great job, and even some new friends she didn't think she wanted or needed. On a quest to deliver something of the utmost importance to the King, Ann may run into some tougher obstacles then she anticipated. (Not really quite sure yet where I'm headed with this one. Maybe some romance, maybe some bigger evil stuff going on, who knows?)

Thought I'd include some of my favorite things because that's what i want to know about new people!

color: PURPLE!!

band: currently, Imagine Dragons, but I like alotta music and sometimes i listen to a song/band too much and grow tired of it/them so that's always a toughie for me. Oh! I will always love The Beatles, though! That will never change :)

movie: again, a toughie. Mainly because i can't remember all of the movies I've seen to pick one. Harry Potter is always a good place to start, eh? and i said X-men before, right?

quote: "The ability of writers to imagine what is not the self, to familiarize the strange and mystify the familiar, is the test of their power." Toni Morrison

food: you know, after I was forced to think of a food when I was asked this question some time ago, I decided that to make it simple I'd just answer Mac & Cheese. But, that was awhile ago and after some new thinking I'm settling with SUSHI!!!!!!!!!

anime: it's a toss-up between Naruto and Fairy Tail as my top-top favorite. I like them for different reasons but, if I had to choose I'd say Naruto.

hobby: writing, reading, drawing. This is what I like to call the Big Three in Creativity!

sex position: W-WHAT?! *stands up from chair dramatically because apparently this was an interview* what kind of question is that? I'm not even going to grace that with an answer!

porno: Seriously? Nothing! *slams hands onto table that appeared out of nowhere* next question!

playboy issue: *facepalm* You know, what? we're done here. I'm leaving. *leaves through random door and slams it loudly*

(long pause...)




(door creaks back open slowly) French vanilla, Autumn, and lemonade... *slowly closes door with a click*

A joke for you!

me: guess what?

you: what?

me: chicken butt! Guess how?

you: how?

me: kung-pao... chicken!

you: *facepalm*

Okay, okay, so it's not a joke. Fun to say though!

Congratulations on reading through all that stuff up above! *confetti falls from the sky* And if you didn't read all that up there and just happened to read this ending then you get 3 HOURS DUNGEON!

Feel free to browse my stories, favorites, and all that jazz! c:

On that note, have a wonderful word-filled day wished to you from yours truly... drumroll, please... MOCHA969!!!!!

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