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08/23/04 See the note below about languages.
08/24/04 Fixed the silly "Jenkayi" typos - thanks to all the reviewers who pointed that out.
09/27/04 Posted Ch 36...finally...

Hi! I'm an 18-year-old Chinese American girl who's attending UNC-CH. I'm cynical, opionionated, and honest - I'll tell you if I think there's something wrong with your story, but I'll also point out everything that I think is good about it too. I'm also a grammar freak, and if I nitpick you on anything, it will be about grammar. See my take on reviews at the bottom of the profile. If you want to read something of mine, please check out Outcasts.

Posted work:
Outcasts - a nontraditional Fantasy story (no wizards, vampires, faeries, elves, or princesses involved) revolving around three main characters. Strife is an arrogant Warrior and the son of the most powerful man in his village. Siren is a stubborn, beautiful red-head who's his biggest rival. Edge is Strife's best friend, and he's a wry, loudmouthed Shinobi who has a dark past. The story begins with Strife and Siren about to fight a battle that will determine once and for all which of them is the better Warrior. Sounds simple, I know - but with three main characters who all have their own nemesises (nemesi?) the plot quickly thickens. Also, each character has their own little sub-story told from their point of view. Lots of action, lots of character development, drama, romance, some angst, some humor. I've tried to make it a smooth, easy read, so don't be intimidated! Give it a try!

Comments - This is currently my baby...I'm pretty obsessed with it and so I update regularly - about once every two weeks. I devote a lot of time to it so I'm ecstatic that I've gotten over three-hundred reviews for this story already! ^_^ I've never had such a good response to anything I've posted so far, so THANK YOU to everyone who has reviewed! I appreciate each and every one of your comments. By the way...did I mention how much I love Edge? ^_~ Hmm...I've begun to notice that, like most things, the quality of this story improves as I go along. So please excuse me for the relative roughness of the earlier chapters, and bear with me as I do some editing and rewrites.

A note about the languages I use: Several of you have asked me whether or not I use Japanese in my story. The answer is 'yes.' All the gods' names, the characters' Birth-names, and setting names are in Japanese (or in some exceptions, just a rendering of the English language so the word sounds close to Japanese, like 'Hikanto'). The medicine names are all in Chinese. The Shinobi dialect is a weird (perhaps irreconcilable) mix of Japanese, Chinese, and words I made up that sound vaguely like either Japanese or Chinese. I apologize to native speakers who are thrown off by the dialect, I know it's strange. 'Common' is actually the Nari dialect which is Japanese. Don't get confused though - even though I use a lot of Japanese, the setting isn't related to Japan at all. I hope this doesn't bother any diehard Fantasy fans who would prefer that I make up my own language. Tell me what you think of it.

For all of you who want to start an Edge fan club - one of the authors whose work I read and review has kindly allowed the means for you to do so. VestDan has a forum for his story (Pieces of Eight), and has a thread for 'other stories', in which I've posted information about Outcasts. If you want to discuss my story, or vote for your favorite character, go here: http:///piecesofeight/phpBB2/viewforum.php?f=28

Current Status - Chapter 36: Initation posted on 09/27/04. I'm so sorry that it took over a month to post, but I'm alive, I promise! Thanks for your patience!

Legacy - Sabriel (*cough* thanks Garth Nix *cough cough*) and Zephyr are orphaned siblings. The only tokens they have of their missing parents are their two mysterious gem-swords. But the siblings soon find out that their parents have left them an even greater legacy, as they find themselves pursued by Blade Mage Assassins sent by a powerful man with a lasting grudge. As their title implies, these aren't your run-of-the-mill assassins - they wield gigantic, glowing swords that possess a life of their own. A more traditional Fantasy story with lots of magic, a different world, non-human creatures, and (eventually) an epic quest. Much more romantic tension in this one. It's also a lot angstier. (if there exists such a word)

Comments - Eh...obviously I've put this story on the backburner as I've been working on "Outcasts." "Legacy" is basically a perfect example of how I can get too involved with characters and forget about the plot. I stopped it because it became too much to handle - I'd introduced too many characters and sub-plots and didn't really know where to take it from there. (ie. I got lazy) Personally, I think this story is of a lesser quality than "Outcasts" - but if you're in the mood for talking swords, some interesting magic, and tortured romantic relationships, by all means, give it a shot. By the way, thanks to those who have reviewed it recently and I want to give a special thanks to Lioness Knight, who is probably the most loyal, dedicated reader I've ever come across. (she'd have to be to put up with the 2-3 months wait between updates for this thing!)

Current Status - On indefinite hiatus. Once I finish "Outcasts" however, I'll probably take a look at this story again.

Other Projects - I got kind of tired of living and breathing "Outcasts" all the time, so as a temporary diversion, I decided to write a Wolf's Rain fanfic featuring KibaxTsume. If anyone's interested, go here: This definitely doesn't mean that I'm abandoning "Outcasts", it's just a little side-project, so don't worry. I think this will get all the slash out of my system, and keep me from the evil temptations of StrifexEdge. ^_~

On reviews - I really REALLY love detailed, chapter by chapter reviews. They are incredibly helpful and much more encouraging than "great job! Write more!" one-liners. So to avoid being hypocritical, I never leave reviews of that nature. I always try to leave a lengthy review with both compliments and criticism. Anyway, I used to return all reviews, and will try to continue doing that, but life as a college freshman is hectic, to say the least. So please be patient with me, it may take me awhile to get to your story, but I will get to your story, especially if you've put real effort into your reviews. For all those people who are competitive, like statistics, or just plain want to see hard proof, as of today, 08/22/04, I've reviewed 401 times.

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