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I'm an original Key West Conk, whom is anime obessive, and whose hobbies are drawing, reading, and writing. I love anime, mainly Shoujo, and I'm curently saving up money to be an exchange student to Japan next year. Oh yes, Aila is my real name, and its pronounced Eye-La. Kay?

Top animes: 1) Sailor Moon 2) Cardcaptor Skaura 3) Utena 4) Inu-yasha 5) CHOBITS! Or at least right now. I don't know what my 5th fave anime is, theres so many to choose from!

Shaoran Li is my most fave anime character in all of Anime!!! He is so adorable, and kicks ass!

Fanfiction Status:
I'm sorry I'm taking so long. Over the summer, I had on-line courses, got a job, and now school has started. I'll post the chapters as soon as I can. I'm sorry all.

So far, here is what I'm planning, and I'm working on them...

Cherry Blossom's and Magic ~ Sequal
Small Meets Big ~ more chapters
Syaoran-Yasha ~ re-written to make it a bit more... intresting for me to continue