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Hello dear reader! I'm Devilsadvocate405, book-nerd and aspiring writer. First off, let me start by saying that criticism is more than welcome on my stories. I spend a very long time revising and editing my work (and continuously after publishing) so if there is something wrong with it I most definitely have not noticed it yet and pointing it out to me won't be offensive. I don't care so much about politeness as long as I can identify what needs to be improved. You can tell me that my stories are awful but that doesn't give me anything to work with. What I am really looking for when it comes to criticism is something like this: "I hate this chapter. The characters are poorly developed and the dialogue is contrived." With that being said, positive feedback is also equally useful. When you review, you are taking time out of your day to give me feedback, and I thank you for it.

A little about Fading Memories: Fading Memories is a completely remastered version of a story I started when I was 14. It collected dust for a while before I picked it up again this year. I am keeping some of the original plot points with all of the original characters, and revising the rest. I created the cover photo for it myself using AdobeSpark, and the picture featured on it I took myself. Fading Memories is near and dear to me so I'm hoping everyone likes it!*currently unavailable*

A little about Pulse: I've been irritated with the state of vampire romance stories in the writing community and wanted to revise and improve some of the existing tropes while promoting free choice, consent, and humanity. I don't particularly enjoy having characters that are minors falling in love with a vampire who has been around for a few centuries and has killed many many people. However, I enjoy some of the other tropes very thoroughly. Hopefully this story is refreshing and enjoyable. The cover photo for Pulse was also made on AdobeSpark. Rated M for sexual content, language and violence.

Happy reading!

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