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Hello, my name is unpronounceable for most of humankind, but fortunately it can be shortened to Gosia. I’m an university student in my twenties, about to face the real life very soon. I’ve always dream of becoming a writer, but actually never did anything about it. Recently I decided to stop being a pathetic whimpering deadbeat and give my dreams a try.

I enjoy reading (what a shocker), but fortunately for my fitness I have numerous other hobbies like horse riding, archery, fishing, kayaking and several other suspiciously non-feminine activities. Did I mention I’m a girl? As for fantasy literature, my top favorite authors are Terry Goodkind, David Eddings, Andrzej Sapkowski and J.R.R. Tolkien.

Status of my books:

Mystic Mirror

Ongoing. I plan this story to be 45 chapters long and be the first of three books.

Right now (January 2014) I'm doing some more edits on Mystic Mirror, so the chapters are taken down for the time being. I'll be re-uploading the chapters as soon I introduce the changes. 10 chapters re-uploaded, 30 to go.

List of changes (spoiler warning):

1. Reducing the lenght of the chapters.

The longer chapters will be divided in two for your reading convenience. I'll try to keep the chapters shorter than 2500 words.

2. New names for the characters. Levi is now Leif and Eren is Erik.

Accidentally I hit the jackpot with the names for Eren and Levi. I got some messages from you with questions if I watched "Attack on Titan". Finally I did and though: "oh, crapbaskets". Therefore I'm changing the names.

3. No pointed ears, claws, wings and fangs for the demons (Laismarans).

From now on they look like regular humans with the exception of the eye color.

I'll add the rest changes later. Make sure to check the message board before reading to avoid confusion. If you have any questions, ask away.

Hunt for Mermaids

Ongoing. With only 5 chapters so far, Hunt for Mermaids is still a newborn. I'll be updating the story steadily, but maybe slowly than Mystic Mirror. I plan this book to be rather a novel than a horribly thick fantasy book, so expect fewer chapters than 50.

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