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Did I promise to write more? I'm sorry, must have slipped me mind.

Heh, actually, I really am sorry I haven't been around since what, 7th grade? But see, I write fiction when life is boring, and life ceased to be boring about... spring break of last year. As soon as I met Coconut, I suddenly had something to actually deal with, meaning fantasy was drab compared to reality.

It's odd, isn't it, that I used to create fantasy worlds to escape a perfectly fine reality. Sometimes I wish I was that little kid again, playing on Sonij 7 like nothing else mattered. But most days, I figure I'm living a better story then I could ever write.

Not that I don't still enjoy fantasy, but I don't immerse myself in it like I used to. Animorphs? Used for psychoanalysm and 'how-not-to-write-like-a-ghostwriter' practice. Harry Potter? 'How-to-write-like-a-genius' practice. His Dark Materials? I haven't read those in a long time. I just don't have the desire to delve myself into that world anymore. Lord of the Rings? When I feel hyper, I look at the posters and read Hika and Blair's (Enter the Blender or Aradilien online, check her out) fics, but I'm not reading them... The only fantasy I'm reading right now is Orson Scott Card, only because I play with the psychology and observe the emotions.

I've actually writen more than I've ever writen in my life- 305 pages of actual real-life happenings. Just not fantasy, besides my own power-delusions.

Ha, I've scared you away, haven't I?

I hope not. Most of my writing now is real and focused, with a few spatters of good imagery to boot. Some of it's dark, but that only applies if you're young or sheltered or both.

Of course, I shouldn't catagorize myself or the young. I am younger than you think I am, probably, so I shouldn't talk. I was quite sheltered, but I've grown up a lot, I guess.

[they're not children anymore, they're PRETEENS]
[i refuse to belong any society that can sell punk clothing at Limited Too. does that make me a non-conformist or just a nonconforming nonconformists?]
[why doesn't anyone use capital letters anymore?]
[yes, I was crazy before it was cool]

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