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Author has written 8 stories for General, and Fantasy.
I mainly write original and FF8 fiction, although I am working on one for Tokyo Revelation. Almost all the stories I write are shounen ai or yaoi.

I do take my writing seriously, so any constructive criticism is welcome.

I am also an artist. Actually, I am an art major (just a few more classes to go.) and I am currently working on art commissions and freelancing. I enjoy merging my passions for art and writing and hope the results are the better for it.
Status of Stories and Current Projects:
Stone Angel -- I'm about halfway through the next chapter and it is one of the stories I'm currently working on.
Homecoming -- Dialogue of the next chapter is written. Just have to fill in the story .

Homecoming~Second Chances -- Started on the next chapter. The first scene is almost finished.
Here With Me (A Tokyo Revelation yaoi fanfic) -- Posted the first part on 9/27/02. It'll probably be a shorter story overall than I usually write. But then again, it is me, so who knows .
As to the rest of my in-progress stories, I dabble here and there writing the next chapters/scenes when they come to me. I will not give up on a story I've started. It may take me a while to finish but I am determined to finish all of them, eventually. :)
I deeply thank everyone who has commented on my stories. Your kind words and appreciation is what keeps me determined to continue each story. Thank you.

You're also more than welcome to e-mail me with questions or comments/analysis of any of my stories or characters. I often find a renewed enthusiasm and perspective when hearing other's.

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(shounen ai) The king is dead, and his son suspects foul deeds at work. Could he be next? Or is it all the delusions of a distraught mind? A dark tale of intrigue and the two young men, one a new king, the other a scholar, caught within its dangerous web.
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A story of a young boy and his terrible destiny, and the one sent to end both for the sake of the world. Rated-R for graphic violence.
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(shounen ai) A stoic bodyguard and a bitter slave find themselves forced into each other's unlikely company. Can they survive the week without going insane, or worse? Or might they learn something about each other and themselves neither expected?
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