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"Giving up half way is worse than never trying at all!" - Misato, The End of Evangelion

Bio Thingy:

Age: 18

Sex: male (No, I'm not gay)

Nationality: Japanese (Born in America, though)

Favorite Anime: His and Her Circumstances, Vampire HunterD, Neon Genesis Evangelion

Favorite Game: Kingdom Hearts

Favorite Movie: Spirited Away, The End of Evangelion

Favorite Songs: Simple & Clean (Hikari Utada), Thanatos(Theme from End of Eva)

"The brightest light lies sleeping within the darkness." - Kairi's Grandmother: Kingdom Hearts

Favorite VideoGame Characters: Rinoa(Final Fantasy 8) , Aerith(Kingdom Hearts Version)

Projects: Where Life Begins

I'm gettin' married next year!! Yep, yep you heard right! MARRIED!! I AM amazing, aren't I?

Other such things you should know:
There is no greater 'aw' then seeing your favorite character being killed and mutilated (for example: Asuka from End of Eva)