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[UPDATED 2021]

I didn't do any of that shit below lol. I started the Patreon, but decided to go with traditional publishing, which I've been working on for nearly 2 years now. Also, the reason I hadn't updated any new chapters. Can you believe I still love these guys? I've changed a lot about the story since I wrote it. Some characters/scenes were combined or cut entirely. I tried to leave only what was integral to the plot and character development and think it's a much stronger book now.

Also recently discovered someone trying to sell my book on Amazon. The nerve! This is a copyrighted work! No one has permission to sell anything I spent years of my life on.

So, updates on the guys they were originally based on. The guy who Angelo was based on recently got married! He married the girl I based Maria off of lol. The guy I based Julian off of died in 2019 :(. His name was Fabio Legarda. I cried like a MF'kn baby. I feel like I didn't even have anyone to turn to when he died because I admired him from afar. I moved to an apartment where his ex (who I based Charlie in the book off of) lived and was able to tell her how sorry I was for her loss. It's so crazy and sad. He was only 29.

I'd give Angelo's name but, I want to respect his privacy. If you search through Fabio's IG there's still some pictures of them together on there if you wanna guess who it is.

A and J update: Hello folks, I know I've been away a long while. What's that up there? Chp 11 is 100% done? Well, where is it? I've actually decided to take a different approach to my writing. As a life update, I'm actually working at a new place that allows me time to work on my story which is how Chp 11 got done. But, I'm doing a few things differently before it's posted. First, I'll be moving all new work going forward to Patreon (link up above). I'm planning on making updates $1 per chapter so hopefully, that's not too steep for anyone. Also, I'm going to write four chapters in advance before uploading any more of the story. That way, I can feel safe posting uploads.

I'm thinking about posting another story about a dream I had recently about sex and hot sauce. It was weird, but it was hot. Literally. We'll see for now... - I remember this dream! Can't believe I took it seriously!

Haven't watched too much SPN lately. The outlook of Destiel seems bleak. It farking happened!!

Here's to hoping Hannibal gets picked up this year. Talks were supposed to begin in 2018. And it's 2018 2021.

About Me

I'm a college grad from Atlanta. I am an art major at a school that didn't teach me a damn thing :/ I love m/m pairings and am constantly struggling with reading something m/m related. My lifelong dream is to get paid for doing this eventually :P. And to write a webcomic :D.

I'm not so obsessed with Tom Hardy and anything Tom Hardy related anymore lol. Or Tom Hiddleston (ah phases). And MISHA!!!! I STILL LOVE Misha Collins, he's just one awesome guy. I don't love anyone. This girl has been hardened by a queerbaited wretch of a life... - still true

I have a pretty dirty mind and think about sex probably 70% of the time o_O. Not really anymore. I calmed down in my old age.

About Angelo and Julian

I've had this idea for the story since sophomore year of college. Three years later, I finally took it seriously, yay! This story spawned from an obsession with two actual best friends I went to school with(they've since graduated [edit: we ALL have]). Both were exceptionally gorgeous and they were roommates. I just remember thinking, there's no way I could have a roommate that gorgeous (both of them) and not start feeling attracted to them. And I hear guys say all the time, 'I'm not gay, but I'd totally go gay for blah blah blah celebrity.' So I started thinking about what would actually have to happen for two straight guys to like each other enough to cross the gender barrier for each other. And that's how this story was born. I've already written out the timeline the chapters are just linking together parts of the timeline together.

( P.S.: if those guys or anybody who knows them ever found out about this I'd be super embarrassed! XD idgaf!!)

What I Read

For Fanfiction

Speak Against the Sun (Assassin's Creed)

And When the Earth Shall Claim Your Limbs (Assassin's Creed)

Looking for new stuff (I've been disappointed by SasuNaru fanlife, maybe I'm too late)

Been parsing through some SteveXBucky stuff, but disappointed lol.

Many others... not really, I've realized that our culture is quite a ways off from a canon masculine gay romance

For Fiction

Anything M/M that's well written

Cut and Run Series (it's getting boring)

Shitloads of pop culture books including Twilight, Vamp Academy (that I'm officially too old for ;P)

I haven't read a book since 2014 :P 2021 me: I actually read A LOT this past year. Thanks covid!

Just Read

The Wolfsong Series by TJ Klune - sexy gay werewolves


Here U Are - manhua

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