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Quick! Everybody hop over to
I'm pretty certain that's where I'll be posting all my NC-17 fics from now on, since don't want 'em. hey, it's their loss. Anyway, spread the word! ^_^

I read, write, draw. I go to school. I read, write, and draw at school. Wow, life is simple! *coughCOUGH* Below is a small list of the kind of fics I will frequent, but it is in no ways a complete list.

INU YASHA: Kagome/Sesshoumaru all the way, baby!!! actually, i like several other pairings, especially some of the more exotic ones. Miroku/Sango. Kagome/Kouga. Kagome/Naraku. Sesshoumaru/(grown-up)Rin. this is about the only series where i don't find one pair and stick to them exclusively.

YU YU HAKUSHO: Kurama/Hiei. the first anime series i got into heavily. i don't know how much money i blew on doujinshi featuring this pair, and i'm afraid to find out! :-D if i were to pick one anime/manga character to be my all-time favourite, Hiei would be it. not to say i don't love other characters, but the little bugger holds a special place in my heart. kurama is his perfect match, and i don't care what anybody else says about that! ^_^

VOLTRON: what can i say? i'm a child of the eighties and this show was once a central part of my life. i was unique in that i really didn't like keith at all (what!? everbody liked keith!!) well, i didn't. i liked the Crown Prince of Doom. yep, that's right, Lotor/Allura shipper here. hey, what's up with me and liking not-so-good guys? have you noticed that trend too? :-D i started young.