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Let's see, what to say in a bio open to all who wish to see it...

I am 23 years old, physically female but mentally androgynous (or, at least, I've been accused of thinking like a male), and my orientation is just as questionable. That's probably more than anyone needs to know.

My interests are mainly in Final Fantasy V, Ogre Battle, Digimon, NG Knight Lamuness & 40, and Rose of Versailles, but I do occassionally read other works. Anything depicting Ryo in character makes me a happy fangirl. I co-run a Kenkeru website with Meimi called Tarnished Wings(http:///kenkeru/), so if you're a Kenkeru/Taken fan, please come and visit :). Also, as a really big Ryo and Osamu fan, I have my own shrine dedicated to them. Go there if you want information on just who Akiyama Ryo is (http:///yesterday).

You will not see common pairings from me as far as Digimon is concerned (though I, like most other FFV fans, think Butz & Lenna go great together). You'll not see Kensuke, Taito, Taiora, and so on from me... Although I'll tend to make taito as a background coupling. Sorry, but there's already more than enough authors out there willing to write those. I'm much more into fringe fandoms (Kenkeru/Taken, Ryoken, Osaryo/Ryosamu, Joushiro. And yes I consider Joushiro a fringe fandom, it's not written about as the main theme of a fic nearly enough). Sorry to disappoint anyone.

The following info is a chronological list of the main universe I work in for Digimon just in case anyone may get confused:

Die Saat der Dunkelheit, the Dark Seed saga - Foreign Sands(Anokaso/Tag/D-1 Tamers) - Phantom Codewalker(DigiAdv02) - Götterdämmerung - Knight of Swords - Buried in the Sands of Time (Brave Tamer)

Obviously, some of those titles aren't yet uploaded. I'm working on them ^^;. Note: Thanks to going back to college and working on acquiring a degree of some sorts, which looks like anthropology with an emphasis on archaeology at this rate, my time is now severely limited. I'll work to get fics out as often as possible though :).