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Hi I am raven Darcy,

As you can probably tell that is not my real name, I am using a pen name. Well let me tell you about myself.

I am kind to almost anyone, I believe in second chances. Though if you don't deserve my kindness I won't even bother. Like if I message you and you either call me a bad word or you are rude that's what I consider those not deserving my kindness.

I love animals well except snakes, lizards, or any amphibian. I ride horses and I have had dogs my whole entire life, my dog Isis is practically my whole life, if anything ever happened to her I would never forgive myself.

I am 20 years old.

I lived in various parts of the world, like Spain, Mexico, and The United Kingdom, but I am American born in Virginia, and live in Florida.

I love to cook, write, take photos, and make youtube videos, I also have a podcast called just be you. But of corse being a girl, I love make-up, so I make make-up tutorials for all you out there on my youtube channel. I love singing, and I love DUBSTEP I think it is one of the best music genre ever made.

I want to inspire people to be good. To find their place in this world, to want to do the right thing, and of course to be true to themselves, because we live in a world where honesty is very limited, and honesty is the one thing that sets us apart from the liars and the fakes. I would also like to inspire people to do something with their lives, something good, and not waste their lives away.

Projects I have already have in mind: Anti-bullying and Anti-Cyberbullying. To stop the mistreatment of all animals (even snakes, even though I really don't like them). To get the governments to treat the environment right, because believe it or not Global Warming and Climate Change are happening whether we want to or not. To educate the low class, because right now we are making the best education available to the Upper class and okay education to the middle class, but we are failing as a society to educate the lower class properly so, I want to help the lower class get the education that will help them change their lives.

I love movies, so I am going to film school and then hopefully I will get a job with Marvel.

I am currently working on two book series that I would love to get published one paranormal supernatural book series, and the other a superhero book series.

I have written plays and movies, Hopefully when I am a big shot movie maker I will get my movies made.

I love ghost shows, like Ghost Adventures, Ghost Hunters and so on. Hopefully in the future I will be able hunt and investigate the paranormal.

I am a Krytozoology believer and I believe in ghosts.

I love superheros star wars. I can debate a topic and win about anything to do with the Avengers. I am a fan of DC and Marvel Comics.

I love challenges.

I love life.

I was bullied, physically assaulted, so if you wanna talk my email is (RavenDarcy199392 at gmail dot com) feel free to email me. Those experiences made me stronger and who I am.

I have ADHD and Aspergers and I am not afraid to say it.

My youtube channel is: (http://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5xF0673cGscN0rouCzdriw) Look me up. I make videos almost everyday.

I have 3 Blogs which I have made: The Random Life of Raven Darcy: (http://randomlifeofravendarcy.blogspot.com/)

My advice podcast, Just Be You, (cause the other podcast site sucked): (http://justbeyou4.blogspot.com/)

My Photography Blog, Beauty through my eyes: (http://beautythroughmyeyes1.blogspot.com/)

So please look me up Please and subscribe by Email to all of them. When I get my two book series up I will create an author's blog so watch out for that.

My favorite shows are: Once Upon A Time, The Vampire Diaries, Arrow and a whole other that if you email me I will give you some show suggestions.

I guess the reason that I love to write is because not only does the reader get to explore my worlds, it's funny how my writing seems to surprise me sometimes, because I sometimes don't even know where the story is even going to lead, but that's the fun in it not knowing, each new chapter is a mystery. Each new story I write is a mystery, and I get to create worlds that weren't thought of.

But yea thats all about me.

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