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Hi, im a submissive masochist and a vegan feminist. wow so many adjectives!

i love M/M romance because for one its hot and also guys tend to be actual ppl in them and its a thousand times less misogynistic then het romance. i love unique things and when ppl think out of the norm so im a huge fan of unpublished work. where there are incredibly creative plots and characters that havent been ground down to please the mainstream.

sorry if that was a bit too much information but i dont really know what to put here about myself

Dragon wings:

i started writting it because:

i started way to many stories that arent finished and im waiting for updates and i dont want to start more, but then i cant find anything to read. so i decided to write something that id like to read and just enjoy it along with whom ever reads it.

my inspiration?

im partially writting from my experience with bdsm. and my experience with other ppls opinions on bdsm.

partially from my fantasy, and stuff that are way out of my reach right now if forever.

and currently im obsessed with dragons. ive been playing dragonvale for months so.

it kind of flows sometimes too quickly :)

info about updates:

k so im more busy now so i cant just write all day long like if it was a full time job... i wish! so 1 every 2-3 days is my goal but it might not be possible idk we'll see.

please feel free to ask me how things are going ill be happy to answer and it might help me from procrastinating.

i have a tumblr ill use when im updating its ;


it really pleases me to get reviews because then i know im doing well instead of throwing my story in a void.

it motivates me to work harder cuz before i procrastinate on youtube i check to see if anyone left me a review and when theres nothing i go to youtube instead of going back to writing so...

Side note:

as for why i mentioned im vegan; i cant bring myself to describe them eating meat. sorry but not sorry. its not gonna happen. i'll have to be reading over the description min 7 times after writing it so ya not gonna happen.

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