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I'm just a high schooler who decided to make a FictionPress account so other kids can tell me what they think of my very, VERY rough stories. I have lots, and I hardly ever finish them.

Anyway, my Grammar teacher told me last year that she thought I was a really good writer, so I wanted to share my work and improve.


Ps. I strive to write clean stories, so if you notice anything in my stories that are anywhere near borderline, help me see my mistakes so that I never cross the line.
{Thank you :) }

Here are some fun Q&As about me:

Who was your last text from?

My best friend.

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Jarael (http:///wiki/Jarael)

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Your current relationship status?
Sister of 3 and Daughter of 2. XD
What is your current mood?
I haven't HAD a mood since November 2014.
What's your dad's name?
If you could go back in time and change something, would you?
Oh my goodness, YES.
Do you have a crazy side?
I used to.
Ever had a near death experience?
I was in a play about WWII. I would think that would count. :/
Angry at anyone?
Do you wanna see somebody right now?
The old me. :)
What's your mother's name?
When was the last time you cried?
. . . Uh... a week or two ago.
Who would you do anything for?
My family.
Who is your hero?
Movies: Loki. Video Game: Garrus Vakarian Reality: Probably my Dad/Grandpa
What is the first thing you notice about the opposite sex?
How immature they still are even if you thought they'd have grown up by now.
Do you still watch kid movies or TV shows?
Not if I don't have to.
What are you eating or drinking at the moment?
Eating humble pie and drinking in the scenery (Which would be my messy room. It doesn't taste very good.)
Have you ever lost a friend?
If you mean to death, no. . . But I've almost lost a friend due to a grudge. We got it right, though :).
If you could have one wish come true what would it be?
Describe your life in one word.
(wait - the whole thing up until now? . . okay...) Interesting. :)
Do you still have feelings for an ex?
What, an ex-convict?
Do you like the rain?
I used to. Well, I guess if it's a warm summer rain, that'd be okay.
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How to answer this question.
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Getting sleepy.
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My cell phone can't do that. The speaker's broken. :)
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I used to listen to this guy a lot. My bro and I liked him : https://www.youtube.com/user/miracleofsound
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My Granma.
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What is your eye color?
Very light blue. Almost gray.
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My mom. . or dad.
Is there one person you can tell anything to?
Last movie you saw in theaters?
The Secret Garden II ( I was, like, 7. Yeah, I don't do theaters.)
Favorite store you like to shop at?
Where do you want to live?
I used to be obsessed with NYC, but I went there and it wasn't all it was cracked up to be. Maybe I cracked it up too much to myself.
Have you changed much since high school?
I'm in high school, but since November 2014 my life's been ruined.
Have you ever slapped anyone?

I don't think intentionally. (I was assuming you meant in the face.)

What are you watching?
This screen.
Who do you look up to?
Favorite author?
God. He wrote the Bible. Best-selling book of all time. Always has been, always will be, never won't be.

Humanly speaking, I like whatever book I like enough to keep reading. :) I was never much of a series reader. I used to read Warriors. I liked the Kane Chronicles cuz I've always liked Egypt. Can't remember any more right now.
What will win your heart over?


PS. I was recently diagnosed with Lyme, so that would explain my lack of emotions, depression, etc.

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