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Awww…you guys wanna know a little about me? *whips away a tear* I’m flattered. Well I’m just an ordinary high school chick with dark hair and dark eye. I like to sing, read, chat and I guess you could fit writing my fics in there somewhere. Movies are high on my hobby list; so is banging out with my friends. And god knows I absolutely adore reviews. Criticisms are welcomed, I know I’m not perfect, but if you submit a nasty review, don’t expect a nice response.
From my s/n and my stories, you can probably tell that I can’t spell if my life depended on it. Well then what am I doing here, you ask. You see, I like to write stories with horrible grammar just to piss of those who can’t stand grammatically incorrect stories. Nah, actually, I’m just like most of you, a HUG fan of Japanese animation. My favorite is Escaflowne (*gasp* big surprise there).
I don’t usually put disclaimers in my stories so I’m warning you now, I don’t own any of the series (*sigh*) I write about nor any of their characters (Van…*even louder sigh*). If for some stupid reason you decide to sue me, you probably won’t get much out of it anyways. I don’t make a living off of my stories so neither should you! ^_^
I hope that after reading this, I haven’t scared you all away. If they interest you, please read my humble creations, and if you have the time, reviews are appreciated. Enjoy!


If anyone wants to join my mailing list. You can send me an email requesting so and i'll add you onto the list. ^_^