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Guarding the bottom part of my torso, which includes the lower stomach area punctured onto the mysterious person deep-seeded behind me, surrounding my recapturing scenery that's caught into this unpredictable convulsion with a strong, tight grip that kept pulling me back; I could feel the vital force grasping unto my physical life which held me in hostage. I could barely escape from the dribbled fingers throbbing gently, but coldly unto my numbed rib-cage(s). Froze and unconscious; my whole body was in shock. I was terrified by the dis-configuration of my chest heaving in anxiety because the heart, pulping so loudly, continued to rush through the asperity of my internal facility shedding inside, insanely going out of control which transmuted into a complexioned position drowning me into deep contraction. Nonetheless, there was a specific alliance running through my head, my mind went a mile away, sinking into contemplation on how my life will turned out since the depths of my expectations drooped into a dark, converted suspicion; not able to be rescued from the inception of something uphold, intensively pulling me away from reality and trenched into a world of non-fictional publicity unreleased. The overwhelming flammability instructed by pure sanitary made tears come out of my eyes which fluttered down my chin in hypersensitivity as I heard the echoing sound of someone's voice, hardly breathing heavily, reverberated while calling out my name, fulfilled in warmth, softness and supplement. Still, the eerie and overweening remained in silence.

"Jemmy...Jemmy, come to me! You given me everything I always needed in order to rejoin the company of Wesker's ultimate stratagem, which was to abridge the town of Raccoon City and regain our confidence which will rebuild our confrontation of becoming the factual member of the team, which is...Umbrella. You will be my greatest challenge after all."

Biting my bottom lip curiously, I felt their free hand that landed on my wrist, tugged onto the palm of my hand while fingers were interacted, doubled-jointed in conspiracy: Like a rose bud planted in the midnight of an after-storm which transformed into a blossoming passionate fruit flower collapsed into one origami crushed in follicle leaves. The trees were finally covering the plants that grew in the tantrum of another dimension far from the wilderness of the fortified forest landed on ground, but with efficiency, ascended in a languish atonement captivated by lacks of nourishment and with prosperity unknown. Where do we go from here, does anyone know? No one? Then all of a sudden, a familiar noise, mid-toned, was revealed as soon as the lights went dimmed; now the room was plotted gloomy. It was him, that voice, with a luxurious accent came from the embellished, yet soothing, more calming like the waters of the deep seas in white-beach (Honey Island) tune. This is, it couldn't be, could this be? Then it hit me so hard, I snapped back into reality and found myself driven away by the light that shone around me. Yet, I could feel his light, delicate response breathing through my ear like an invisible transparency hovering in the mid skies, floating in a cloud of deep impurity. Oh no, here I was, restarting all over again. "Where will it ever end?" I thought to myself. So redemptive, I was still being held in slenderizing surrender, my sensibility full of extension far from an oblique completion.

A Few moments later...

I could still hear his overt, but dilated suaver tone of his voice whispering like a halcyon from across the windowpane, foreshadowed with piles of sunshine as the sun rose the next morning. But the person in front of me roamed away around the other side of the crest-moon that affected every gist of my disbursed sculpturing conversion subjecting the peers of serenity in derelict in-fusion; my concentration of sweet devotion was watered-down by eulogy, but impalpably pressured so restively and substantive, my whole structure caption was inured. Everything was about to shamble me with toughen abstraction and in oscillating verbiage, then all of a sudden; a hidden subliminal message expanded and all I heard after my brain was in nonchalance, every part of my nerves diluted in tranquility, was the luminous, mixed in a coalition of peremptory and luster, yet delightful manifestations of my loving...

"Hey, my name's Carlos. What's your?" A sudden tone referring to a more Brazilian language with a low smooth accent was re-conducting my admonishments, attentively swinging me back all over again as I bolted up quickly, turned to the shuddered figure that was standing near the bedroom door while holding a cup of coffee in his right hefty, unstable hand, and got up out of bed with shivers running through my sheltered waist, which frightened me, intentionally steeped. Without losing my focus on him, I slowly tip-toed to the dressing table with the mirror facing a doppelganger of my features of emotional phrase(s) that shallows me deeply, and grabbed the bottle of water which lays abundantly settled above the utility box as I opened the top drawer to take out three capsules of Tylenol beneath the jewelry case, packed with loads of variable accessories, along with silver watches and eclectic cosmetics. All sorts of industrialized authorities carrying a bundle(s) of depraved laughter clamped into my inexorable mind, which filters me completely instructed with sadness and unhealthy choices, whisking my thoughts of establishments, I could barely feel the soles of my feet tugging grounded on to the cold, burnished rugged floor which deprecated me; my unyielding field that once saved me from languished emplacements vanished into the thriving nadir in a slope of fatigue, yet concealed perfunctory.

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