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Hello, there!

I'm Zinlianca Thorn, which is a name created by me. What exactly am I doing here? I simply want to improve with my writing. So, I'd like good criticism very much, thank you. I don't mind harsh words as long as they make logic. I'm kind of like that hopeless self-critic person who goes on picking out their own faults. Oops.

Time for introduction. (This is going to be long and useless. You've been warned.)

Things I am...

Say Hello to the Poker-face-Leo-weirdo-with-extremely-extraordinary-tastes.

I am a unicorn. Okaaaay. That came out weird. Ahem.

I can't say, I am a bookworm. As I haven't read that many books but I love, love, love reading. Once I get a good book. I'm done. Good stories leave me hypnotised for a long time and I just kind of float around in space.

I'm the Dark One (or the sweet quiet one? Ssssh!). My first impression is always shocking. They think I'm nice, sweet, mature and a really sugary fella. Well, they are wrong. Okay, here's the thing. In real life, I'm very anti-social. I don't talk much to random people. I'd be that person in the corner with a few close friends giving everyone killer glares and daring them to come a few steps near. But once I've found some good friends, they're going to get a ride of their lifetime. Trust me.

I choose people as friends after a long time. And they are always the best anyone could have. They are unique, random, humoristic geniuses and complete weirdos. Because I'm a huge weirdo in terms of normalcy calculations. I like to think about everything from a different point of view. And that's a good thing, let me tell you. Because I have a habit of putting my self in other's position and I simply hate it when people don't understand.

I'm very much of a random person. Say Hello to craziness! And way to go fangirling! *insert creepy smile here*

I have a bad habit of giving random people random advices at random times about random situations about which I don't even know myself. But they do work. They don't call me, Wise Ol' Granny for no reason. *Trips from the stairs* Help moi, Sonneh.

Things I like...

There are many little things I like. I like the smell of rain, the first ray of sunrise, the smell of dawn, dewdrops, fancy pens (Whaa?), children (Hey, they're cute).

Me likes Pazzta. Which means Pasta then Pizza then Pasta again. Did I accidentally shipped Pizza with pasta? Who cares? I like both.

Me's a whovian. Yay! Doctor Who fans can come and scream and I'd love that. But I can't scream myself. Dunno why. o.O

Anime anyone? YEAH!!

I've always liked antagonists. Aren't they amazing? I like Voldy. Tom Riddle is zo kewl. But beware, HE'S MINE! Just kidding... Come on... Who would like to go to the movies with a nose-less who has to hold his 3D glasses all the time? Nah.

Writing is a wonderful way to express your imaginations. Everyone's been screaming this sentence from a very long time, so I do believe it. It's true all right.

Things I want...

Ride a hot air balloon. Maybe it seems like a small wish but here where I live it ain't happening. So I need to check it out.

Rob a bookshop...and a library... and all the other places where good books are found...with a friend. Who by the way, is just as sane as I am. Insane. Sorry.

Get a 'few specific people' (preferably teachers) to have a snowball battle with me. And when they aren't looking, dump a snow hill on them. What a 'cool' way to die.

Learn Karate. HIYAAAA! *Kicks madly in the air* Me likes it. Me wants it.

Learn French, Italian, Japanese and Spanish. I love learning new languages. But sadly can't in my school. I'd love to in the future.

Get a hold of Voldemort's nose and have a bargain with him to help me take over the world with Lumina.

Do something useful with my life. -.- Really. Because I've been just another drop in the sea all this time. I want to be a something.

Rob a bank and burn all the money to show how money isn't everything for me. Haha, no. I won't do that. Don't you go on thinking it's me if you find a youtube video like that.

My Works...

Now that I look back at everything I've written, honestly the only thing that comes to my mind is, 'What the hell was I thinking?' But you see, I'm a very stubborn annoying person. I shall continue it and feel embarrassed anyway. But it gives me pleasure as well, so why not? It's a freeeee world! Ahem.

Labyrinthian Ensnare: My first story here which came up in bits and formed up in my head. I just had to try it out and here it was. And then I gave up, thinking it was rubbish. But naah, I'm stubborn, remember? Hopefully it will be continued. Abolished Soul: That little weird philosopher in me screamed for attention and I had to let it out somehow. So here it was. My second story. Royal Thieves: Okay, I seriously don't know what I was thinking when I came up with that title. This is my third one here and the only purpose of this was to have fun. I typed random stuff one day and posted it. Pretty childish. It helps me in my Writer Block's days so I'll continue.

That's all from me for now. See you! You shall suffer the pain of being my reader. And let the ghosts haunt you forever. Muwahaha! *Disappears in a puff of smoke* -2.4 seconds later- *Appears again* Oh, hey did anyone see my doodle page ?


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