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Guess who's writing a Valentine's fic... oooooooh... (in case the answer isn't blaringly obvious, that'd be me).

Name: Erin. Or Riny. Or Rin or Rina or Eri depending on who you're talking to.
Age: 16
Location: Southern England. No I don't live on a farm, I'm just surrounded by them.
Education: All-girls grammar school that can't seem to keep a headmistress *sigh*. I'm Sixth Form which is the attached college and I'm studying English Lang, English Lit, History Nazis, History Renaissance and Reformation, Classical Civilisations, Drama and Theatre Studies and Japanese ^^ That sounds like a lot, lol. I only come out with 4 bloody A levels but have all these separate lessons and teachers...
Online-y interests: Talking on MSN (when I can be bothered), fanfics (duh), making websites, although I took mine down ages ago and keep forgetting to put them back up. Besides, compulsory ICT when a balding suit is making you do a website sure sucks the fun out of it.
Interests: Eating bacon (*drooool*); watching anime, reading manga; reading; writing; Nintendo; sleeping; fun words - example, "bralessness"
Haaaaates: Smoking; people who drink excessively... and try and make me drink (the vodka/lemonade thing was NOT FUNNY guys); mornings; dance music; Celebrity Big Brother; the words 'moist' and 'guava'.

3 Interesting school-related quotes for February:
1) "Saw the legs, OFF the Elton John thing!"
2) "Are porcupines generally bitchy then?"
3) "That's a very nice mouse you have there, madam, if I may be so bold..."

Fanfiction list [ http:///pink_barbie_shoes/syn.htm ]
Check it out! Took me ages!

HEY! Could you please go and R&R the fantabulous songs of dum-penguin (she's in my Fave Authors list). Seriously, I'd be asking you anyway cos she's my friend and she's bigger than me (waa) but she really is fantastically talented and everyone should READ HER SONGS! Also, for LotR related goodness - PractikalMagik. Woo.


Doing: Freezin' mah ass off
Listening: InMe: Overgrown Eden
Writing: Scary-ass angst-ridden poetry
Rayearth volume 3 - Ferio and Fuu *eeeeeeeeee*
'Chunky' - Victoria Wood
Obsessing: Why are OFSTED people like robots?
Eating: Chicken & Stuffing sandwich from Marks
Must confess... it's gotta be manga Inuyasha