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Hello, my name is SilverAmarant :)

I am newer to FictionPress and was told of this by my friend, Cookie-Fairy-Narnia. I suggest you read their story(ies). They are really good. I am also on Fanfiction.Net and DeviantArt with the same username so if you want to have a look there you go.

I am a big fan of Anime, Nintendo and CreepyPasta. My favourite Anime is Death Note with L/Ryuzaki/Ryuga as my best character, my favourite Nintwndo game is Legend of Zelda with Vaati as my favourite character and my favourite CreepyPasta character is Jeff the killer. If you don't like horror related things, don't look him up.

I love drawing and writing but I tend to make grammatical errors. Yeah, I can't write that well. But that doesn't stop me from wanting to write. I am a book nerd. Seriously, I'm a freak for books. As soon as I enter a book shop, it's rare to see me leave without a book. I love them! Especially Manga. I love nature, especially forests and stuff that haven't been affected by human nature.

I also love love love dogs! Who doesn't? Dogs are so adorable and funny!

I'm not a fan of cats, make-up, skirts, technology (minus Nintendo and my laptop) or romance.

I hate animal abuse, illegal drugs, smoking, alcohol or guns (I'm more of a medieval weaponry fan).

Stories I am planning to write:

Victory God: Brownie's destiny

Victory God: Bebe's destiny

Victory God: Kata's destiny


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